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EndNote, NVivo, Boot Runner, and Winclone now available

Over the summer, there were a handful of new software licenses made available in addition to some specific upgrades. Please share this information in your area however you think is appropriate.

New Software

EndNote – citation managementsoftware (some similarity to RefWorks). Available on Windows and Mac. All students, faculty, staff, and retirees are eligible. Funded by University Libraries, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Engineering, Capstone College of Nursing, and Culverhouse College of Commerce & Business Administration. More information: http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/endnote/

NVivo – A tool designed for analyzing unstructured data using search, query and visualization tools. Available on Windows and Mac. All students, faculty, and staff are eligible. Funding provided by the School of Social Work, College of Education, College of Arts and Sciences, and University Libraries. More information: http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/nvivo/


ChemBioDraw Ultra – upgraded to version 15. More information: http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/chembio-office/

JMP – upgraded to version 12. More information: http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/jmp/

For Labs

Boot Runner – manages startup control for labs, enterprises and classrooms, providing a seamless experience for users and easy management of hosts on Macs. Unlimited use on University-owned machines. Funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, University Libraries, and the Office of Disability Services. More information: http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/boot-runner/

Winclone – Winclone 5 is a complete solution for protecting your Boot Camp Windows system against data loss and a cloning solution when migrating Boot Camp to a new Mac. Unlimited use on University-owned machines. The license was funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, University Libraries, the Office of Disability Services, and AV Solutions. More information:http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/winclone/

EndNote Now Available

EndNote is a reference manager that enables users to find, store, and share references as well as create bibliographies and research-rich documents. EndNote integrates with Microsoft Office products and works on both PC, Mac, and web browsers. EndNote is completely free to use for students, faculty and staff of UA. For more information and instructions on how to obtain the software, visit http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/endnote/.

Renew SAS & JMP SID Files

May 13, 2015 – To renew your current license for SAS Education Analytic Suite and/or JMP Academic Suite, download and install the new SID files. The current license term ends June 30, 2015. More information regarding the University’s enterprise licensing for these products can be found in the OIT Software Catalog.

SPSS 23 Available

May 6, 2015 – SPSS 23 is now available for use on University-owned computers for teaching and research purposes only.  To request the upgrade, please e-mail the OIT Service Desk at itsd@ua.edu.  If you require an administrative license, please contact OIT Software Licensing at software.licensing@ua.edu.

Acrobat Adobe DC is Here

April 21, 2015 – Adobe has released Acrobat DC, the upgrade to Acrobat Pro XI.  OIT supported users can contact the IT Service Desk at itsd@ua.edu or 348-5555 to request the upgrade.  If you are not supported by OIT, please contact the technical support team for your department to inquire about your department’s upgrade plans.  For more information about Acrobat DC and other Adobe Creative Cloud desktop apps licensed through the University’s Adobe Enterprise Term Site License Agreement, please see http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/software-licensing/adobe-creative-cloud/.

New Outlook for Mac

November 5, 2014 – Microsoft announced Friday a new Outlook for Mac which is only available to Office 365 customers.  Read the full article at http://blogs.office.com/2014/10/31/new-outlook-mac-available-office-365-customers/.  The University does not have a campus-wide O365 subscription, and it is not available through our Microsoft Campus Agreement licensing.  The next Office for Mac will be released in the second half of 2015, at which time we’ll have access to the new version of Outlook.

ChemBioDraw Ultra 14.0 is Now Available

July 3, 2014 – ChemBioDraw Ultra 14.0 is now available.  You may upgrade at any time. Older version will continue to work if you choose not to upgrade.

Individual users can download the software via this link: http://sitelicense.cambridgesoft.com/sitelicense.cfm?sid=2002 .

Lab managers can email the IT Service Desk at itsd@ua.edu to obtain a multi-user serial number and lab installation instructions.

JMP Now Available to Faculty, Students, and Academic Departments

June 11, 2014 – JMP Academic Suite, a SAS graphical statistical program that offers exploratory data analysis, is now available.  Faculty and students can install and use the program on personal machines for teaching and research purposes only.  For more information, including where to obtain the software, visit the JMP entry of the OIT Software Catalog.

How to Update Adobe CC in Labs

May 8, 2014 –  To update Adobe CC installed on computer lab machines, follow these instructions:

1. Rename the AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat file to enable updates.

2. Run the update check within any Adobe CC program.

3. Restore the file to its original name to disable updates.

The AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat files can be found in the following locations:

Mac OS – <Startup Disk>/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdaterInventory/1.0/AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat

Windows XP and higher (32-bit) - C:\Program files\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat

Windows XP and higher (64-bit) - C:\Program files(x86)\common files\adobe\AAMUpdaterInventory\1.0\AdobeUpdaterAdminPrefs.dat

For more information, visit http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/disable-auto-updates-application-manager.html.


Microsoft Office for iPad

April 28, 2014 – On March 27, 2014, Microsoft announced a new offering, Office for iPad.  Office for iPad is available for free from the Apple App Store.  The free version allows users to view documents, copy content, share documents as hyperlinks or attachments, and present using PowerPoint, Word, or Excel.  To access features such as creating and editing documents, an eligible Office 365 subscription is required.

At this time, the University will not offer Office 365 licensing enterprise-wide.  The University already offers alternatives for most of the services offered through Office 365.  Further consideration, resource planning, and funding is required before pursuing an Office 365 offering on an enterprise-wide basis.

Please see below for answers to commonly asked questions regarding this matter.

Q: I need to edit and create Microsoft Office documents for University-sanctioned purposes on my personal or University-owned iPad.  What do I do?

A:  Faculty and staff can purchase or request their department to purchase an Office 365 University, Office 365 Home Premium, or Office 365 Personal subscription.  Compare these plans by clicking on the links provided. 

Office 365 subscriptions can be purchased from www.microsoftstore.com.

Procurement Services has authorized use of University p-cards for the purchase of Office 365 subscriptions for University-related business.  Please note that sales tax will be charged at the time of purchase.  After the purchase is completed, email the tax exempt documentation to TAXEXMPT@MICROSOFT.COM.  Include “Microsoft Store Tax Exempt Process” and your order number in the subject line.  Microsoft will then contact you to begin the refund purchase.  Note that sales tax cannot be waived before the purchase; it can only be refunded post-purchase.

Q:  What are the University-offered alternatives to Office 365 services?

A:  The University offers the following services that are similar to the offerings in Office 365:

  • UA Box – Cloud-based storage and collaboration
  • Blackboard Collaborate – web conferencing
  • An Exchange email platform is maintained by OIT. OIT-supported departments can access Exchange email via webmail.ua.edu.
  • SharePoint collaboration site services are offered by OIT. Email the IT Service Desk for more information.