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OIT is announcing today the roll-out of a new Virtual Private Network (VPN) service.   While we have had VPN services for a long time, this new service is more stable and more secure than the legacy VPN.   We are encouraging everyone using VPN today to begin using the new VPN service as soon as possible.  Operation of the legacy VPN service has been discontinued. Direct remote access has been blocked. Detailed instructions for using the new VPN service can be found at myBama > Tech Tab.

Why are we making this change:

This change is necessary because in recent months there has been an upsurge in certain types of network security attacks from outside entities focused on using our open Remote Desktop Protocol channels as a way to gain unauthorized access to UA servers and end-user computers.  Our security organization reports that in the last 10 months, there have been more than 65 million unauthorized attempts to access UA computers using the Remote Desktop channels.  Not all such attacks can be detected or blocked and those that do succeed can be very harmful to our operations.

Note that users will still be able to directly access email (though web mail, or on smart phones and tablets), and access Banner or any other University public web site from the Internet without a VPN/RDP connection just as they do today. On campus, RDP connections will generally not require a VPN unless regulatory compliance such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) or other University policy states otherwise.

For additional VPN access information refer to http://oit.ua.edu/oit/services/virtual-private-network-information/.

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Known Issues

The Known Issues Page is a checkpoint for our IT partners across campus. The page lists software compatibility issues and known fixes.