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Internet2 is a major national collaborative network initiative involving over 220 Universities in cooperation with 45 leading corporations, 66 government agencies, laboratories and other institutions of higher learning, 35 regional and state research and education networks and more than 66,000 national research and education networking organizations representing over 50 countries.  The Internet2 Network is an ever-changing, cutting-edge, and cost-effective mix of optical and packet networks designed to deliver next-generation production services as well as a development platform for new networking ideas and protocols to the research and education community.

The University of Alabama, The University of Alabama at Birmingham, and the University of Alabama in Huntsville provide Alabama and the region with this communication and collaborative technology for research and education. It is available to those of you who wish to collaborate with your colleagues for research, teaching, and the performing arts. Please review the available information sheets regarding your disciplines.

The Office of Information Technology (OIT) is pleased to offer you assistance regarding the setup and use of Internet2. There is no additional cost associated with its use but it does require that you are aware of how it may be incorporated into your research and teaching.

About Internet2:  What to know more about Internet2?  Take a bird’s eye view of what Internet2 is all about.

Alabama Supercomputer Authority

Arts & Humanities:  Reach a broader audience for the arts and share UA expertise outside of the traditional campus border.

Health Sciences:  Use the ultra-high-speed network to securely collaborate with health science professionals and educators.  Provide an added value to the UA health education fabric.

Science & Engineering:  Remove the traditional campus boundary by accessing partner institution instruments and additional resources.

Public Service:  Research and missions are given a robust network to extend services to the public such as K-12 education or National Research and Education Networks that serve traditionally deprived areas around the world.

Net+:  A collaboration with certified third-party members provides researchers a variety of ways to collaborate such as high quality “virtual” video rooms or solutions to provide access to collaborators; all with the cost efficiency power of the Internet2 network of partnerships.

Emerging National Research & Education Networks:  Take advantage of pooled educational resources in other regions and countries.  These resources allow connecting points for researchers and educators across the globe to gain access to valuable instruments or lectures—often with a cost savings to institutions.

Internet2 Connected Community:  With projects like the K20 Initiative and Muse, primary and secondary schools are gaining access to museums, performing arts venues, libraries, and colleges and universities.  Find out how your area can participate.

Middleware:  The Internet2 community of institutions is given help with its Middleware Initiative with its mission to provide interoperable identity and access management infrastructures for collaborations that may mean dramatically different application and network environments.

International Partnerships:  Take advantage of the already existing and growing mutual agreements that give UA access to over 50 international organizations similar to that of Internet2.

Research:  A significant driver of the Internet2 Network is research.  Find out how the Internet2 Research Support Center can help from start to finish.

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