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How to Move Files Between Your Macintosh and Your bama Account

If you are using a PC instead of a Macintosh, you need the document “How to Move Files Between Your PC and Your bama Account”.

Download and Install Fetch

Fetch is a program used to copy files and directories between a PC and a remote machine. For most people on campus, this remote machine will be bama.ua.edu. You may use this to store files or publish a web site, among other things.

Skip to the next section if you find one of these icons: [icon]or [icon]

Use your Find command (command+F) to look for “Fetch”. If you find it, go to the next section.

Go to the Start button, click Find, then choose Files or Folders. Search for “WS_FTP95.exe” (without the quotes). If you find it, go to the next section.

Use the Software Library to download Fetch and get its serial number. Install it, then come back to this page.

Set up Your bama Account for FTP Access

You must use a computer on the University network to do this step.This includes computers in University offices or labs and those on ResNet. This does not include home computers connected to the Internet through AOL, or another outside service provider; computers on DSL lines; or computers using cable modem connections.

As a security measures, bama accounts are not automatically given FTP access. This is to prevent outside people “hacking” into unused accounts. However, you can easily give your own account FTP access.

Go to the “Change bama Shell” Web helper. Fill in the same user name and password you use on the myBama web site, then make sure that either ftp-only or one of the “interactive” shells (ksh ,sh ,bash ,csh , or tcsh) is chosen. Most people will want ftp-only; for more information see Your Account Shell. After you have filled out the form, click the Change Shell button.

Make sure you read the message that is returned. It will tell you whether or not your shell change was successful. Some people may need to change their passwords before they are allowed to change their shells. (If you receive this message, it is probably because your account has been unused for a significant period of time. If you have a question about this policy, please call the IT Service Desk at (205) 348-5555.)

Connect to bama

When you start Fetch, the connection window below should open. (If it doesn’t, go to the File menu and choose New Connection).

[Fetch Connection Window]

Fill in the fields as follows:

  • Host: bama.ua.edu
  • User ID: The same user name you use on the myBama web site
  • Password: The same password you use on the myBama web site

Check “Add to Keychain” if you want Fetch to remember your password.

When you have finished this, you are ready to connect. Simply click OK.

NOTE: If you get a message stating that you had an invalid login and are unable to connect to your bama account, you probably either typed in your password incorrectly or did not set up FTP access on your account. Go back to the previous step, or come to the IT Service Desk in A-203 Gordon Palmer for assistance.

Transfer Your Files

First, navigate to the directories on both sides that you need to put files into or copy files from. To go down a directory level, double-click the directory name. To go up one level, double-click the green arrow at the top of the file and folder list. If you are publishing a web site, navigate to your bama account’s public_html folder.

The next window is what you will use to transfer files to and from bama.

[Fetch Window]

Use the folder icons to navigate to the folder on bama that you want to either put files into or copy files from. If you are publishing a web site, you should go to your public_html folder. ( More information about Web publishing.)

To copy a file or files from your Macintosh to bama:

  1. Use your Finder to navigate to the file(s) or folder(s) you want to copy.
  2. Drag the icon(s) into the Fetch window.

To copy a file or files from bama to your Macintosh:

  1. Highlight the file(s) in the Fetch window that you want to copy
  2. Drag the file(s) to the desktop (or any other folder)

When you are finished, select Quit from the File menu, or press Command+Q.

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