External Email Error – Feb. 10

An error occurred Wednesday, Feb. 10 within the IronPort email security tool, causing email from external sources to not be delivered to UA O365 mailboxes. This error caused the IronPort to treat all mail from external sources as SPAM. Any email sent from outside of the UA O365 email system was not delivered to UA inboxes between 4:05 pm and 7:40 pm on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

Individuals external to UA O365 who attempted to send messages to UA O365 accounts did not receive a bounce back message. Unfortunately, these messages cannot be retrieved.

Students, or others who sent emails from outside UA O365, to a UA faculty, staff or departmental account during this time window should resend emails. Also, instructors who sent messages from Blackboard Learn during this time window should resend messages to ensure delivery.

We apologize for this error and inconvenience. We understand that email is a critical service, and our team has put measures in place to prevent errors such as this.