Returning to campus? Update your computer!

In the coming weeks many faculty members may be returning to campus for the first time in months. OIT recommends that returning faculty perform updates to their University-owned computers before returning to campus. Updated computers are secure computers. Plus, by performing updates before coming to campus, you can be sure your computer is ready for #FirstDayUA!

Update Windows

Windows operating systems can be updated by first connecting to the campus Virtual Private Network (VPN) through the Cisco AnyConnect application. Instructions for connecting to VPN are available on the OIT website.

Once connected to the VPN, search for “check for updates” in the search area. The network will recognize your machine and begin to perform system updates. OIT recommends that you leave your computer on and connected to the VPN overnight to allow for updates. Restart your computer once updates are completed, then check for updates again. Repeat this process as needed, several rounds of updates may be available for machines that have not been connected to the campus network in a while.

Update Mac OS

Mac operating systems can be updated by visiting System Preferences > Software Update. Only update to the latest version of your installed OS. Please wait until tech support is available to assist you in updating to Big Sur as updates must first be performed to antivirus software.

*Please note, only supported operating systems are permitted on the campus network. Check the OIT website for a list of supported systems.

Update Applications

Software applications and web browsers should also be updated to the latest version. Open each application or browser and check for updates.

  • Internet Browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc.)
  • Adobe Creative Cloud/Adobe Acrobat DC
  • Office 365