The Office of Information Technology is working to upgrade all OIT supported mailboxes to Exchange 2016.

Desktop application users will need to restart their Outlook application in order to receive the newest version. No restart is necessary for webmail users; however, if you use webmail, you will notice a fresh, new design.  We have included screenshots below to showcase the new design, and we’ve also included answers to frequently asked questions to help ensure an easy transition for all users.

Fresh, New Look

Old Webmail Login

New Webmail Login

Old Webmail Home


New Webmail Home

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my calendar?

Previously, to access your calendar you would just click calendar at the bottom left. In the new webmail view, you can click the blue square at the top left corner. Once you click the blue square, you will see the image below. From there, you can click Calendar to see your calendar. You can then click on the blue square again to go back to your mail view.

Can I turn off Conversation View?

Yes, by clicking on “All” in your inbox, you can select how you would like to view your messages – as messages or as conversations.

What if I get pop ups?

During this transition phase, users may receive pop up messages stating “The Administrator has made a change that requires you to quit and restart Outlook.” If a user receives this message multiple times, they can ignore it after the initial restart. Once all OIT-supported users are migrated to Exchange 2016, this message will no longer occur. Our team is working diligently to transfer all accounts quickly and seamlessly.

What if I’m using IMAP?

IMAP users will need to change their IMAP server name to “” within their mail settings.

Can I share my calendar?

Calendar sharing with users outside of Exchange 2016 (i.e. mailbox still exists on Exchange 2010) may not be functional. Once all groups are using Exchange 2016, calendar sharing will be seamless across OIT supported mailboxes.

Can I change my password in webmail?

Users cannot change their password in webmail. This is a known issue, and Microsoft is working to resolve the issue. We expect this issue to be resolved in the coming weeks.

Can I remove the Bing option in my Outlook application?

Sure can. Users can turn apps on and off in the Outlook application or in webmail. In webmail, select the gear icon at the top right to access your settings menu. From the drop down menu, click Manage Add-ins. From there, you will see a screen like the screenshot below where you can uncheck boxes for add-ins, such as Bing Maps. In your Outlook application, you can click File, then Manage Add-ins, and a web browser will open like the one below where you can uncheck boxes for add-ins.

We’re Here to Help

As always, users may contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or with any additional questions. At any time if you are having difficulty with the Outlook application, please use webmail at