The University of Alabama (“University”) computer network, equipment, and resources are owned by the University and are provided primarily to support the academic and administrative functions of the University. The use of these computer resources is governed by federal and state law and University policies.

The use of computer accounts is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Each account is for the exclusive use of the individual or organization to whom it was assigned and users may not allow or facilitate access, including by a proxy or anonymous remailer, to University computer accounts, equipment, or restricted files or systems by others. Authorized users are University faculty or staff, currently enrolled students, and retirees, unless their access privileges have been revoked by the University. Divisions and departments may also authorize temporary accounts for use by non-University personnel strictly for the purpose of conducting University business.

2. The use of the account may not violate any policy of the University.

3. The use must not overload the University’s computing equipment or systems, or otherwise negatively impact the system’s performance.

4. The use must not result in commercial gain or benefit to the users and cannot constitute consulting for a business or running a business. The page or site may not promote commercial activities or display paid advertising.

5. The use may not violate laws or University policies against discrimination or harassment due to race, sex, religion, disability, age, or other protected status.

6. The use may not violate state laws or University policies on the use of University equipment, resources, or time for political activities.

7. The use must not involve sending of soliciting chain letters, nor may it involve sending unsolicited bulk mail messages (e.g., “junk mail,” or “spam”).

8. The use may not imply or state University sponsorship or endorsement, nor use University trademarks without permission of the University’s Licensing Program.

9. The use may not involve unauthorized passwords or identifying data that attempts to circumvent system security or in any way attempts to gain unauthorized access.

10. A web site or page or personal collection of electronic material that is accessible to others must include and display the following disclaimer: “The views, opinions, and conclusions expressed in this page are those of the author or organization and are not necessarily those of The University of Alabama or its officers or trustees. The content of this page has not been reviewed or approved by The University of Alabama, and the author or organization is solely responsible for its content.”

11. Organization accounts are subject to deactivation after notice to the last known sponsor unless the sponsor annually renews the account by submitting to the University an account renewal form (faculty/staff organizations) or by renewing the organization’s registration with the Office of the Dean of Students (student organizations) by September 15 of each year.

12. The University may examine electronic information stored on or passing over University equipment or networks, for the following purposes: (1) to ensure security and operating performance of its computer systems and networks; (2) to enforce University policies or compliance with state or federal law where (a) examination is approved in advance by a dean, vice president, or the president, and either (b) there is reasonable suspicion that a law or University policy has been violated and examination is appropriate to investigate the apparent violation, or (c) examination is necessary to comply with state or federal law. Computer users should have no expectation of privacy in material sent, received, or stored by them on or over University computing systems or networks when conditions of subparagraph (1), or both (2a) and (2b), or both (2a) and (2c) above have been satisfied.

13. Use that violates the terms of the account agreement, state or federal law, or any University policy may result in referral for action under the appropriate disciplinary procedure and the imposition of sanctions which may include suspension or revocation of access privileges in addition to other sanctions.