Follow the steps below to migrate content from GoogleDrive to OneDrive using Microsoft’s Mover tool.

First, visit to access the Microsoft mover tool. Click LOGIN at the top right.

mover website

Click Sign in with Microsoft

sign in with microsoft

Enter your Crimson email address.

Microsoft login

Enter your myBama password and authenticate with Duo.

enter mybama password

Once logged in, you’ll be presented with the Mover Dashboard. Under Step 1, Click Authorize New Connector

authorize new connector

Click “Authorize” next to Google Drive (Single User)

Google drive single user

Click Authorize again


Select the account you will be moving content from

select account

Log in with your myBama credentials and authenticate with Duo

mybama login

Click Allow to trust Mover


Now, Step 2: Select destination. Click Authorize New Connector to log into your O365 account

step 2

Click Authorize next to OneDrive for Business (Single User)

one drive single user

Click Authorize again

authorize onedrive

Log into O365 with your Crimson email address and myBama password and authenticate with two-factor authentication if prompted.

enter mybama password

Accept permissions.

Accept Permissions

Click Start Copy

start copy

You will then be presented with the Mover Dashboard to see content that successfully migrated.

mover dashboard

You will also receive an email from Mover when your transfer is complete. After the transfer has completed, you can access your files at If any files do not successfully move, users can download individual files, or groups of files, from Google and upload them to OneDrive.