DUO Required for UA Students

Effective Monday, October 2, 2017, DUO two-factor authentication will be required for all UA students.  DUO is designed to protect sensitive information held within student myBama accounts and Crimson Email. On October 2, students will be unable to access their myBama accounts until DUO is activated.

DUO adds a second layer of security to a user’s myBama account because it requires two factors to verify identity. These factors include something you know – your username and password, and something you have – a smartphone app or passcode, to authenticate and gain access to an account.

DUO is not required to access Blackboard. Students can bypass myBama by visiting ua.edu, then click the top right icon, and then click Blackboard. Students can then login with their myBama credentials to access Blackboard without using DUO.

To get started, visit www.duo.ua.edu. Students can then follow the screen prompts and download the DUO Mobile App on your smartphone to setup your DUO account. For more information, and a complete tutorial, please visit www.oit.ua.edu/duoPlease contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or itsd@ua.edu with any questions or concerns.