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We’re here to make your job a little easier, review the information below designed for IT administrators at UA.

OIT News

Bookmark OIT News for security alerts, software announcements, network updates and more.

Net Admin

New to UA? Join the Net Admin listserv to receive email updates. Submit a request to the IT Service Desk to join.


Follow OIT at UA on Twitter for real-time announcements and updates impacting the UA campus.

Change Calendar

Review the IT Change Calendar on the Tech Tab of myBama to see scheduled maintenance and planned outages.

See Dates

Report a Security Incident

Call the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or 877-340-4437 after hours.

New Employees

For most faculty and staff, email addresses are created as a part of the human resources new faculty/staff onboarding process. The email address will reflect the user’s myBama username.

Alias Email Addresses

Additional alias email addresses can be created by the IT Service Desk, just ask!

Departmental Email Addresses

The service desk can also create departmental email addresses, please submit your request through our IT Service Desk.


If a UA employee transfers departments, please contact the IT Service Desk so we can transfer the email address to the correct department.


Retirees get to keep their Exchange email address; however, if preferred, we can forward mail from their UA Exchange mailbox to a personal email address.

Past Employees

Anyone who voluntarily or involuntarily terminates employment at UA, and is not eligible for retirement, is no longer eligible to utilize a UA Exchange mailbox.

Users in my department have questions about DUO, where can I find answers?Two factor authentication is a new concept to many users, and we are happy to answer any and all questions. Please review our DUO frequently asked questions page for answers to the most common questions such as, what if I get a new device?

Where can I report security incidents?

You may contact our IT Service Desk or you can contact our security department directly at

Users in my department are having wireless connection issues. How can I help?

Report the issue to the IT Service Desk. The more information we have, the easier it is for us to find the solution. When reporting a wireless connectivity issue, please include the user’s name, phone number, email address, campus location, device type, and MAC address.

Is DUO mandatory for VPN?

For some users yes, for some users no, and for most users, not yet. Complicated answer, we know. OIT does plan to make DUO mandatory for all VPN beginning August 21, 2017. OIT’s security team is working with individual departments to roll this project out.

How can I request a listserv?

You can request a listserv my submitting our online form.

Who can I contact for a SSL security certificate?

Email the IT Service Desk to request a certificate. You will be contacted for the required information needed to generate the certificate.

Where can I learn more about the UA data center and its storage/hosting capabilities?

Check out the systems and infrastructure page on our site.

Can I request to join PrinterLogic network?

Sure can. OIT extends this application to all campus departments at no charge. Interested technical support staff can submit a request to the IT Service Desk.