Obtaining a Banner Account

Access to Banner requires DUO.

Obtaining Banner access begins by having your supervisor request access via one of the forms below depending on the type of Banner access required. Once the data steward has processed the form, they will submit a request to OIT Security to have the Banner account created. Once this process is complete, the data steward will contact you and let you know that your account is ready. Click here for a full list of data stewards.

Lost Token Replacement

In the event of a broken or lost token, we require a DTA for $35 be sent to Taffy Allen in OIT (Box 870346 or email taffy.allen@ua.edu ). Once the DTA is received, a replacement token will be configured for you.

You will be notified by either your data steward or OIT that your token is ready. Tokens are picked up at the IT Service Desk.

Token Pick Up

Banner tokens are available for pickup at the IT Service Desk, 125 Gordon Palmer Hall. Please bring a copy of a photo ID (driver’s license or action card) to pickup your Banner token. Please also bring your old token if you are picking up a replacement token. You may not send a student or coworker to pickup the device for you, no exceptions. OIT will only hold your token for 30 days.

Banner INB Recertification Application

Click here to see the recertification application procedure.

Issues or Problems?

If you have any issues with the token itself, please contact the IT Service Desk. Issues with Banner access or privileges must go through your data steward.