What you post online, stays online.

We know social networking are popular among students, faculty and staff, but they are also popular with identity thieves, stalkers and bullies.

Keep Private Information Private

Be cautious on how much information you share online. Even when accounts are set to private, information can still be available. Never post a photo or information that may include sensitive information like your passport number, social security number or PIN number.

Personal Information is Personal

The more information that you post, the easier it is for a hacker to steal your identity. Traveling? Enjoy your trip! Post pictures when you return.

Beware of Links

Phishing scams happen on social media too! Do not click on advertisements and be cautious of groups that offer invitations to join.

When in Doubt, Call

Receive a message from a friend, coworker or family member that seems out of character? Call that individual to verify the message. Chances are, their account may have been hacked.

Use Privacy Settings

Control who sees what, and be cautious of who you accept as a friend or follower. Block threatening or harassing individuals. If you feel threatened by someone or uncomfortable because of something online, you should report your concerns to UAPD and to the social networking site. The UA Counseling Center has more information regarding Social Networking Security.