Connecting to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to remotely access many resources as though you were physically on campus.

All remote desktop access (RDP) from off-campus requires a VPN connection. On campus, RDP connections generally do not require a VPN unless regulatory compliance such as the Payment Card Industry (PCI) or other University policy states otherwise.

Accessing the UA VPN requires use of the Cisco AnyConnect application which can be found in the Tech tab of myBama. Use one of the guides below for further instruction.

Cisco AnyConnect is compatible with Windows XP-SP3 and above, Linux, Mac OS 10.7 and above. It is also available from the App Store for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

Courses can be “VPN Enabled” in Banner by departmental or college staff, granting VPN access to all students enrolled in that course.


Students enrolled in a non-VPN Enabled course will need to have a faculty member or department head sent a request to the IT Service Desk.

Faculty and Staff

Access to the VPN is provided to all faculty and staff automatically.


Departments that have retirees, independent contractors, or vendors (non UA employees) will need to have a Dean, Director, or Department Head send a request to for account credentials. A link to download the AnyConnect VPN client will be sent to the requestor. Access is limited to 1 year at a time for non-UA employees. Additional access time must be requested at the end of that period.