Welcome to O365

Crimson Email has Moved to Microsoft

The University of Alabama Office of Information Technology has migrated student and active alumni email accounts from Google to Microsoft O365.

To access your Crimson email, visit mail.crimson.ua.edu and sign in with your Crimson email address and myBama password. Note – two-factor authentication is required. (Duo for students, Microsoft multi-factor for alumni).

If you experience any issues accessing your account, please change your password by visiting myBama.ua.edu and click the link to Change Your Password. View our step-by-step guides for changing your password in myBama.

Effective June 8, users will no longer be able to log in and access mail at gmail.com, users must access mail at mail.crimson.ua.edu. 

Accessing Crimson Mail in O365

Current students have three options for accessing email in the Microsoft O365 environment. Alumni may access their email on the web or through the Outlook mobile app.


Log into mail.crimson.ua.edu with a Crimson email address + password.

Mobile App

Use the Outlook app to access email on your mobile device.

Desktop App

Use the Outlook app on your laptop or desktop computer.

Change Your Password

If you experience any issues accessing your Crimson email account in O365, please change your password.

Outlook Best Practices

Get familiar with your new email environment! View our tips, tricks and best practices for using the Outlook application.

Get to know O365!

Moving email from Google to Microsoft presents many benefits.

  • Stronger Cybersecurity

    • Hosting mail in the Microsoft environment provides opportunities for enhanced cybersecurity measures. With Crimson email in the Microsoft cloud, OIT’s security team has better ability to block malicious activity, preventing a greater number of phishing emails from reaching student inboxes.
    • Multi-factor authentication is required for all Crimson O365 email accounts. For students and applicants, Duo is required to access student O365 mail accounts. Microsoft multi-factor is required for alumni accounts.
  • One Cohesive Directory

    • With student, faculty and staff email hosted within the same Microsoft environment, individuals can easily find the email address of fellow UA students, faculty and staff in a common directory.
  • Increased Collaboration

  • Prepare UA Students for Workforce

    • 95% of Fortune 500 companies use the Microsoft Cloud environment. Recent grads are faced with learning Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and other Microsoft tools when starting their careers. Introducing UA students to the Microsoft environment during their higher education experience will better equip students to be workforce ready.


Does my email address stay the same?
Yes – Crimson email addresses do not change. The format remains as myBamausername@crimson.ua.edu. Students who used alias @ua.edu emails will no longer have access to those addresses. Students should exclusively use their @crimson.ua.edu email accounts.

What does the login page look like?
Here’s what you can expect to see when logging into your Crimson mail account in O365. Be sure to sign in with your Crimson email address, not just your myBama username. View our Outlook best practices page to get familiar with your new email environment.

O365 login page

I am having issues logging in, what should I do?
If you experience any issues accessing your Crimson email account in O365, please change your password. After you’ve changed your password, refresh your browser then log in.

Why do I get a message “you are not enrolled”?
This message refers to Duo two-factor authentication. If you see this message, this means you need to activate your Duo two-factor authentication. Visit duo.ua.edu to activate your account, then return to mail.crimson.ua.edu to log into your email account.

not enrolled

If I am a student and I had an alias @ua.edu email address, can I keep it?
No. Previously, students had unadvertised alias @ua.edu accounts that directed to @crimson.ua.edu. As a part of the student email migration, OIT removed alias @ua.edu email addresses for students. Students that use their @ua.edu alias email addresses for any accounts, memberships, email lists, etc. should change from @ua.edu to @crimson.ua.edu. This change is designed to simplify the mail environment for students and IT administrators, and also to allow the coexistence of student and employee email domains within the UA Microsoft O365 tenant.

Will I be able to login to Gmail?
Effective June 8, Crimson account holders will not be able to log into gmail.com to access email. Users should visit mail.crimson.ua.edu to access old and new emails. If you see this screen, you know you should access email in O365.

Gmail not enabled
What users can expect to see in the Gmail app.
access email in O365
What users can expect to see at gmail.com

Did I lose access to my Google apps?
No. Current students and active alumni accounts can access apps within Google (Google Drive, Contacts, etc.) after the migration. You will not be able to send mail through Gmail, but you will be able to access other Google tools at google.com. We encourage students to check out the Microsoft tools available.

What was migrated?
All email in your Google Crimson account was migrated to your O365 Crimson account. Rules and settings applied to email accounts were not migrated. This includes automatic reply settings as well as filter/rules. Visit our Outlook Best Practices page for instructions on setting up new auto-reply settings and filters/rules.

So, I get to keep my old email messages?
Yes – we moved them from Google to Microsoft O365 for you.

How do I access my email?
Check out the three options listed above: web, mobile + desktop apps. To download Microsoft O365 software for free, visit the OIT software catalog. Because alumni are not licensed for O365 software, alumni can access mail on mobile devices or web browsers only.

What about my calendar items, contacts and other Google Workspace content associated with my Gmail account, were they migrated?
Only email was migrated to O365. You can continue to use resources in Google, or you can use tools like Google Takeout to migrate content to the Microsoft O365 environment. If you only want to migrate your calendar, visit Microsoft’s website for instructions on importing a Google calendar to O365.

Can I make my calendar items private in O365?
You sure can. We have instructions on how to change calendar permissions.

Can I migrate my Google Drive content and other Google content to my new Microsoft environment?
Sure! Learn more from Google about downloading content, and use Google Takeout to migrate content.

Does this mean I can use other O365 apps like Word, Excel and Teams?
Yep! Current UA students are licensed to use O365 apps on five different devices. Learn more in our software catalog. Plus, visit our tool comparison chart to see which O365 tools are similar to Google tools.

What’s a perk of this migration?
Full functionality with Microsoft Teams is the best perk. Seriously – you’re going to love it. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration space that includes threaded chats, file sharing, video conferencing – pretty much everything you need to stay connected with your team.

Will I be able to keep my email account after graduation? 
Yes, upon graduation student accounts are converted to a 50 GB alumni account. You will keep access to your mail account online, but you will not be able to keep access to O365 applications, including information stored in OneDrive. You’ll want to move any content you wish to keep to another location. After graduation, you can continue to access your email account at outlook.office.com with Microsoft multi-factor authentication.

What is considered an active alumni email account?
OIT defines “active alumni email accounts” as email accounts that have been accessed in the past 365 days. If you haven’t accessed your email in one year, it was not migrated. OIT suspends email accounts that have not been accessed in one calendar year, so those will not be migrated. If you wish to access your email account after it has been suspended, you can change your password to regain access.

Can I forward my Crimson email to another email account?
Certainly. Graduating students may choose to forward their Crimson mail to another email account. You can do so by following these instructions. We encourage students that are current faculty or staff members to forward their Crimson mail to their UA mail to be sure you do not miss a message.