Crimson email is moving to microsoft o365

Crimson Email is Moving to Microsoft

What is happening?

The University of Alabama Office of Information Technology is working to migrate student and active alumni email accounts from Google to Microsoft O365. All student and active alumni email will be migrated. Google Drive files, documents, pictures etc. will not be migrated.

When is it happening?

OIT will migrate all student and active alumni email from Google to Microsoft O365 in May 2021. Specific migration dates will be posted soon. Individuals will receive direct email communication before migration occurs.

How will I access my mail after it has been migrated?

Current students have three options for accessing email in the Microsoft O365 environment. Alumni may access their email on the web.


Log into with a Crimson email address + password.

Mobile App

Use the Outlook app to access email on your mobile device.

Desktop App

Use the Outlook app on your laptop or desktop computer.

Why is it happening?

Moving student mail from Google to Microsoft presents many benefits.

  • Stronger Cybersecurity

    • Hosting mail in the Microsoft environment provides opportunities for enhanced cybersecurity measures. With student email in the Microsoft cloud, OIT’s security team will have better ability to block malicious activity, preventing a greater number of phishing emails from reaching student inboxes.
    • Emails students receive that originate from sources external to the University would feature the EXTERNAL label that is currently deployed to faculty and staff mailboxes.
    • Duo will also be required to access your O365 mail account as it is currently required to access your Gmail account.
  • One Cohesive Directory

    • With student, faculty and staff email hosted within the same Microsoft environment, individuals can easily find the email address of fellow UA students, faculty and staff in a common directory.
  • Increased Collaboration

    • Hosting student mail in the Microsoft cloud will increase functionality with other Microsoft O365 tools including OneDrive Cloud Storage and Microsoft Teams. Because student email is currently hosted in Google, students experience limited functionality with these tools. Hosting mail alongside these collaboration tools provides the opportunity for seamless integration and user experience.
  • Prepare UA Students for Workforce

    • 95% of Fortune 500 companies use the Microsoft Cloud environment. Recent grads are faced with learning Outlook, Teams, OneDrive and other Microsoft tools when starting their careers. Introducing UA students to the Microsoft environment during their higher education experience will better equip students to be work-force ready.

Action Steps

Good news, we’ll take care of the packing and moving. All you need to do is sign into your new account.

  • Before the Migration

    • Familiarize yourself with the tutorials above so you’ll know how to login to your account in the Microsoft environment.
    • Consider migrating content from Google Drive to OneDrive. UA students are licensed to use Microsoft O365 tools including OneDrive cloud storage and Teams – your new favorite collaboration tool.
  • During the Migration

    • No action is required of you. Sit back and relax.
  • After the Migration

    • On the day after your migration, you can visit and log into your new account!


Will my email address stay the same?
Yes – your email address will not change. The format will remain as

Will my password stay the same?
Yes – your password will stay the same.

Will I lose access to my G Suite?
No. Current students and active alumni accounts will still be able to access apps within G Suite (Google Drive, Contacts, etc.) after the migration. Your mail will simply not be hosted in the Google environment.

What will be migrated?
All email in your account will be migrated. Any set folder structures will remain in tact.

Rules and settings applied to email accounts will not be migrated. This includes automatic reply settings as well as filter/rules. Visit the Microsoft website for instructions on setting up new auto-reply settings and filters/rules.

Calendar items, contacts, and other G-suite content will not be migrated.

Will there be any downtime where I can’t access email?
Nope. The migration will be seamless. One minute your mail will be in Google, the next, it will be in Microsoft.

What about my calendar items, contacts and other G-suite content associated with my Gmail account, will they be migrated?
Only email will be migrated, other items will not be migrated. You can continue to use these resources in G-suite, or you can use tools like Google Takeout to migrate content to the Microsoft O365 environment.

Can I make my calendar items private in O365?
You sure can. We have instructions on how to change calendar permissions.

Can I migrate my Google Drive content and other Google content to my new Microsoft environment?
Sure! Learn more from Google about downloading content, and use Google Takeout to migrate content.

Does this mean I can use other O365 apps like Word, Excel and Teams?
Yep – but you don’t have to wait until your email is migrated. UA students are licensed to use O365 apps on five different devices! Learn more in our software catalog.

What’s a perk of this migration?
Full functionality with Microsoft Teams. Seriously – you’re going to love it. Microsoft Teams is a collaboration space that includes threaded chats, file sharing, video conferencing – pretty much everything you need to stay connected with your team.

Will I be able to keep my email account after graduation? 
Yes, upon graduation your account will be converted to an alumni account. You will keep access to your mail account, but you will not be able to keep access to O365 applications, including information stored in OneDrive. You’ll want to move any content you wish to keep to another location. After graduation, you can continue to access your email account at

What is considered an active alumni email account?
OIT considers all email accounts that have been accessed in the past year an active alumni email account. If you graduated in 2008, but you accessed your Crimson Google email account in the past calendar year, it will be migrated; however, if you graduated in 2019, but haven’t accessed your Crimson Google email account since 2019, it will not be migrated. OIT suspends email accounts that have not been accessed in one calendar year, so those will not be migrated. If you wish to access your email account after it has been suspended, you can change your password to regain access.

Can I forward my Crimson email to another email account?
Certainly. Graduating students may choose to forward their Crimson mail to another email account. You can do so by following these instructions. We encourage students that are current faculty or staff members to forward their Crimson mail to their UA mail to be sure you do not miss a message.

Will I get free swag?
YES! Our pals at Microsoft shared tons of free swag with UA OIT, and we’re excited to share it with you!