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Visit the links below for more information on research computing software, frequently asked questions and vendor documentation.

UAHPC Portal

Visit the UAHPC Portal to submit a request for an account, additional software, or additional help and support.

UAHPC Acceptable Use Policy

Please review OIT’s acceptable use policy for all UAHPC use.

Getting Started with HPC

Review information, including running + submitting compute jobs, to get started with HPC.

HPC Accounts and Allocations

Establish an Account
You must be part of a recognized research group on campus. This includes, by default, all faculty members. Researchers can apply directly. Students must have aproval of their research advisor to get an account and that advisor must also be an account holder (we use the sponsor account as an basis for grouping students).

Connecting to UAHPC
Use ssh to go to rc2.ua.edu or uahpc.ua.edu. If you are connecting from off-campus, since this is on our internal network, you must connect to the VPN first. For transferring files to and from the cluster, you may also connect to the two main NAS nodes via globus, ssh, sftp or scp.


Visit the OIT Software Catalog to see available software downloads.

Software Downloads

  • Putty – Download the Windows MSI Installer Package
  • Xming – Download xming-6-9-0-31-setup.exe
  • WinSCP – Download the Installation package
  • XQuartz – Download the version under “Quick Download”

Cheat Sheets

Cluster Status

View the current UAHPC cluster status – Ganglia.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review answers to FAQs and see helpful tips.

Vendor Documentation

Below are links to documentation to assist in research computing.