Cisco Unity Connection

Cisco Unity Connection is an electronic voice messaging system that gives you a convenient and dependable way to communicate with people both inside and outside your organization. Voice messaging gives you confidence that all your incoming and outgoing messages will be handled pleasantly and effectively.

Using the Handset to Access Voicemail

From your extension, call the Voicemail Access number – 8-4700

As soon as System starts speaking

  • Enter *
  • You will hear: “Enter Id and #”
  • Enter your 5 digit extension and # (8-xxxx#)
  • You will hear: “Enter your PIN and #”
  • Enter your temporary pin 112233#
  • You will hear: “Your Pin has expired; you must reset your Pin; your new Pin must be at least 4 digits long. Please say or enter your pin and # “
  • Enter your Pin and press #
  • You will hear: ‘To confirm please enter your new password again and #”
  • Enter your Pin and press #
  • If the System says invalid PIN, try another. The voicemail system will not allow PINs less than 4 numbers long. The system will also not allow PINs it considers “trivial” so you may need to try multiple PINs before you find one the system will accept.

Please listen to the System and setup your Name, and Greeting.

Also listen to the Directory information and press #.

The System should say you have finished enrollment.

From your Extension, after initial enrollment is complete, you will dial 8-4700 or press the voicemail button on your phone and enter your PIN.To log in from a standard touch-tone phone, or an extension other than your own, call the voice mail access number

  • Dial 205-348-4700 (from off campus) or 8-4700 (from on-campus)
  • Press * when the system starts speaking
  • You will hear: “Enter your Id followed by #”
  • Enter your 5 digit extension (8-xxxx #)
  • Your will then hear: “Enter your PIN followed by #”
  • Enter your PIN and press #

Your Main Greeting is the Standard Greeting – You may record an Alternate (temporary) Greeting to override the Standard for certain dates and times. Main Menu – Set Greeting – Main Greeting is Standard

  • Log in to the voicemail system
  • Press 4 for “Setup Options”
  • You will hear “To change your greeting press 1”
  • Press 1
  • You will hear “Your current Greeting is the Standard greeting, to rerecord press 1”
  • Press 1

Main Menu – Set Alternate Greeting (Temporary Greeting)

  • Log in to the voicemail system
  • Press 4
  • You will hear “To change your greeting press 1”
  • Press 1
  • You will hear your current greeting, and then “to turn on your alternate greeting press 2”
  • Press 2
  • You will hear “To set an end date and time press 1, or to leave it on indefinitely press #”
  • Press 1 or #
  • Listen to the System Prompts and record your greeting

Main Menu – Recorded Name

  • Log into the voicemail system
  • Press 4 for “Setup option”
  • Press 3 for “Preferences”
  • Press 2 for “Change your recorded name”
  • Listen to the System Prompts and record your name

Main Menu – To change PIN

  • Log into the voicemail system
  • Press 4 for “Setup option”
  • Press 3 for “Preferences”
  • Press 1 for “Change your PIN”
  • Listen to the System Prompts and change your pin (note: trivial pins are not allowed.) You also may not reuse your past 5 PINs

When listening to a message, use the following commands

  • Press 2 to save
  • Press 76 to delete
  • Press 73 to forward and listen to System Prompts

Note: after 3 failed sign-in attempts your voicemail box will be temporarily locked. Temporary locks expire after 30 minutes.

Using the Web Portal to Access Voicemail

You may access your voicemail via a web browser while on campus, or connected to the VPN when remote, by visiting (note – you may see a warning about certificates, please accept and continue).

You should reach a login page like the one below. Sign in using your myBama username and password. If your voicemail box is not linked to your myBama username, you may not be able to log in. Please call Telecom directly at 348-9555 and we can assist you in linking your mailbox to your myBama account.

You may play messages, send new voicemails, and delete messages using the web inbox.
voicemail login page

Password/Pin Reset

If you are locked out of your voicemail box, visit the web inbox, and sign in using your myBama username and password. Click “Settings” above the list of messages.

Then click “Passwords” and then select “Change PIN.”

Enter a new PIN and Save.

If you are unable to reset your password using this method, please call Telecom directly at 348-9555, and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Unified Messaging

Cisco Unity Connection voicemail supports Unified Messaging features which allow voicemail messages to be received as an email attachment within your email software if your departmental email runs on an Exchange server (This feature does not work with Google Apps-based email). To request Unified Messaging, please contact our Telecommunications office. (Note: approval from IT staff may be required to enable Unified Messaging).

Call Handlers

Cisco Unity Connection supports autoattendants/call-handlers which present inbound callers with an interactive menu and route calls according to the caller’s selections. Please contact the telecom department or complete the Telecom Services Request form for additional information on requesting or configuring an autoattendant.