Boot Runner 2


Boot Runner 2 manages startup control for labs, enterprises and classrooms, providing a seamless experience for users and easy management of hosts on Macs. Boot Runner’s scheduling feature ensures that multi-boot Macs are in a ready state when they need to be for software updates making Windows security compliance on Boot Camp more reliable.


No cost to University departments.



Please contact the the IT Service Desk to obtain a copy of this software.

Eligiblity and Cost

Boot Runner 2 may be used on any University-owned machines.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on University-owned machines and devices only.

Boot Runner 2 may be used on an unlimited number of computers. The license was funded by the College of Arts and Sciences, University Libraries, and the Office of Disability Services. The license does not include a maintenance agreement but does include incremental upgrades including security patches and bug fixes.