ChemDraw Professional



ChemDraw Professional is a chemistry and biology suite of products designed to meet the needs of both chemists and biologists. For a complete description, visit the Cambridgesoft website.

ChemDraw Professional includes the following applications:

  • ChemDraw Professional
  • ChemFinder Std (Windows Only)
  • ChemDraw for Excel (Windows Only)
  • CombiChem for Excel (Windows Only)
  • BioDraw
  • ChemNMR
  • Struct=Name
  • ChemScript (Windows Only)
  • ChemDraw ActiveX/Plugin Pro 15

Users of ChemDraw may also be interested in Mnova NMR Lite.


Free of charge to current faculty, staff and students.


Faculty Staff Students

Create a CambridgeSoft Account

Visit the CambridgeSoft Web Site and enter your UA email address. Only emails ending with “” or “” will be accepted. Please contact the IT Service Desk if your UA email address is not accepted.

Download Software

Download the software and manual after registration is complete. Access to included databases is automatic, and an email will be sent with instructions to access software and/or databases. To manage database subscriptions, login to your CS User Account and click “Manage Database Subscriptions.”

Activate your software

When you begin installation of your CambridgeSoft software, you will be asked to Activate. If you wish to activate at a later time, you can choose to “Activate Later”.

Detailed Activation Instructions

Serial Numbers

Once you download the software, your unique serial number will be sent to you via email. If you never received the email or cannot locate it, you can obtain your serial number my logging on to Go to “Services” and then “My Downloads.” Your serial number will be listed here.

Lab and Network Installations

For lab and network installations, please email your request to the IT Service Desk. You will be sent instructions for software download and a special serial number used for network installations only.

Eligiblity and Cost

No cost to current faculty, staff and students on University and personally-owned machines.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on both personal and University-owned machines and devices.

The University’s campus-wide agreement is for an unlimited number of licenses and is funded by the College of Arts & Sciences, the Chemistry department, the Biology department and University Libraries.

Software Information

This product works on both Microsoft Windows and OS X, but please note that some products in the suite are Windows only.