Student Alias Email Address Change

Currently, students have unadvertised alias accounts that direct to As a part of the student email migration May 7-9, OIT will be removing alias email addresses for students. Students that use their alias email addresses for any accounts, memberships, email lists, etc. should change from to This change is designed to simplify the mail environment for students and IT administrators, and also to allow the coexistence of student and employee email domains within the UA Microsoft O365 tenant.

OIT Tax Tips

This year’s tax deadline has been extended, which means phishers and scammers have even more time than normal to trick individuals with tax scams. OIT has tips for UA students, faculty and staff to keep sensitive tax information safe this spring.

Beware of phone and email scams.

Do not be fooled by phone calls or emails that threaten to be the IRS demanding immediate payment. If you owe money to the IRS, you will receive a bill by mail, not a phone call or email.

Additionally, malicious actors may pose as the IRS and send messages with content such as “Where’s My Refund” or “Tax Refund Payment” attempting to lure in victims. These messages often include web links where they will ask the message recipient to submit sensitive information including a Social Security number, date of birth and prior year annual gross income. Be mindful of the red flags of phishing to easily spot phishing emails.

Store documents in a safe place.

You wouldn’t leave a paper copy of your W2 sitting on a public bench. The same rules apply to online storage! Tax documents should be stored on a secure hard drive or personal, encrypted cloud storage account.

Send documents in a secure manner.

Do not email sensitive documents as an attachment. To share files, OIT recommends storing them in a secure cloud storage account, and sharing access to that account with only individuals you trust. OIT also recommends that faculty and staff use a personal email account for tax purposes. The email account should be secured with a strong password and two-factor authentication. Gmail offers Google Two-Step as an easy way to better secure email accounts.

Select a secure accountant.

If you choose to use an accounting service or company to file your taxes for you, ensure they have a record of good cybersecurity practices. By employing a tax accountant, you are trusting them with your most sensitive data. It isn’t out of reason to ask what measures they take to ensure your data is safe.

Tax-related identity theft is the most common type of identity theft. To learn more tips about how to protect your tax information, visit the IRS website, Identity Theft Central.

Latest Version of NVivo Now Available

The latest version of NVivo is now available for UA students, faculty and staff. Previously, NVivo released versions with numbers, the latest version (sans numbers) is now available. NVivo 10 and NVivo 11 are also still available. License keys for each version are available on the OIT software catalog.

OIT To Apply Online Archiving for O365 Mailboxes

Microsoft O365 provides online archive space for faculty and staff mailboxes. Sunday, April 11, OIT will apply the Online Archive feature to all UA faculty and staff O365 mailboxes.

With the Online Archive feature, UA faculty and staff can move files they wish to archive to the Online Archive mailbox from within their Outlook application or Outlook on the web. Below is a screenshot of how the Online Archive folder will appear for UA faculty and staff O365 mailboxes.  Learn archiving, and other Outlook best practices, on the OIT website.

Online Archive folder appears at bottom of folder list

Microsoft Teams Workshops

Microsoft Teams is OIT’s favorite communication and collaboration app. Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place. Microsoft Training professionals will be offering three upcoming virtual workshops for UA students, faculty and staff.

Microsoft Teams Training

Microsoft Teams 101
March 26

Microsoft Teams Organization and Settings
April 1

Adding Files in Microsoft Teams
April 8

Learn more about each of these workshops on the UA Events Calendar.

Email Service Interruption, UA O365 to Crimson Google

Some UA students may have may not have received email from OIT-supported faculty and staff O365 email accounts sent from 11 p.m. Wednesday, March 10 through 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 11.

If UA faculty and staff sent messages to students during this time window, OIT recommends that those messages be resent to ensure message delivery.  Faculty and staff can visit their “Sent” folder and resend messages to students.

No issues have been reported regarding mail sent from external sources to student Crimson Google accounts or from student Crimson Google accounts to student Crimson Google accounts.

We understand email is a critical service, and we apologize for this error and inconvenience. The email routing issue that caused this service interruption has been resolved. We are working with Strategic Communications to send this notice to UA faculty and staff.

Note – this disruption in service is in no way related to a Microsoft cybersecurity vulnerability, this was caused by a mail routing issue. 

Review Calendar Permissions

When student email accounts are migrated from Google to Microsoft O365, UA students, faculty and staff calendars will be hosted in the same environment. The default calendar setting is to share free/busy information only; however, faculty and staff may choose to make their calendars completely private. Before student email is migrated into O365, OIT encourages UA faculty and staff to review their current calendar permissions. Instructions to do so are available on the OIT website.

Blackboard Clean Up

In accordance with UA’s LMS Course Retention Policy, the Center for Instructional Technology will be conducting routine Blackboard course clean up at the end of the spring 2021 semester. The Course Retention Policy states that any materials more than 2 years old will be removed from the system. Students and instructors should save any materials they wish to keep. More information is available on the CIT website.

Student Phishing Alert – March 3, 2021

Wednesday, March 3, many UA students received a phishing email that featured the subject title “P/A WORK APPLICATION”.

This email is a scam, not an actual work application. A screenshot of the phishing message is below.  If you received this message, please delete it. Take a moment to review the red flags of phishing to learn how to spot common phishing emails like these.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact OIT Security at 205-348-5555 or

student phishing email

Learn Teams – Within Teams

Join the Microsoft Resources Team – a Team within the Microsoft Teams app where UA Microsoft partners share tutorials, videos and helpful content. All UA students, faculty and staff are welcome to join. This Team allows users to learn more about the Microsoft Teams environment through experience.

Join the Team today! If you’re new to Teams, learn more about it on the OIT website.