Supporting Enterprise Applications, Empowering Legends

OIT supports critical enterprise applications and technologies that power The University of Alabama. Our programmers and developers support and maintain Banner applications while managing numerous data integrations allowing Banner data to be utilized across campus.

Along with Banner, our teams also work to support a variety of applications, some used by the entire campus community, others specific to divisions, departments and colleges. Enterprise-wide applications include Action Card, OnBase, Blackboard Learn, SARS advisor scheduling, Mercury housing system and Degree Works.

The core mission of this group is to provide innovative and reliable technologies to ensure efficient operations for students, faculty and staff.

What our customers have to say.

“The success of our projects often depends on the support from, and collaboration with, our partners in OIT.  Few days go by where we’re not working together to implement a new technology solution, refine an existing application or help another office on campus safely feed data into a third party system. We view the OIT student support team as integral to the creative problem solving necessary to support the needs of students, faculty and staff across campus.

Over the last couple of years alone, the employees in OIT’s EDAS team have helped to implement new solutions that include automating residency changes for students with graduate assistantships, allowing for students to opt-into pass/fail grading in light of COVID-related issues, and making use of preferred name for students and faculty in myBama.  Going back further, those teams have led and/or helped in the development of several custom applications, both student and staff-facing, including solutions allowing students to generate letters of transiency and enrollment verifications, apply for residency reclassification, an interface for students and staff to update majors and other curricular information, and applications allowing administrative staff to reinstate suspended students, adjust maximum registration hours, and submit requests for administrative registration changes.  None of this would be possible without our continued partnership with OIT.”

  • Denny Savage, Associate University Registrar for Technology

“Action Card’s partnership with OIT’s EDAS group is the reason we have been able to expand our services through creative solutions and programs specifically designed for our campus community. They provide comprehensive technology solutions, thoroughly tested prior to release, to ensure system integrity and reputation are maintained. A prime example of our successful partnership was the invitation by our vendor to be one of the first three schools in the nation to move to the Apple mobile card solution. That invitation to participate in a ground-breaking and award-winning solution was extended because the vendors knew UA had the OIT infrastructure, support, security, and expertise behind our ID card/transaction system to participate. That application has been a critical component of our business continuity planning.

We maintain a strong working relationship with our OIT team and trust their support and recommendations for our systems. They are always there when we need them to be. As Action Card system services are often tied to daily customer activities, system up-time is critical. OIT has meticulously built automated notifications so we can ensure imports processed correctly, services are properly running and readers are online. They are respectful to our staff and always take the time to explain their system recommendations and actions. It is a pleasure to work with a dedicated team that takes pride in their work.”

  • Jeanine Brooks, Action Card Director, Enterprise Operations
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