Our Vision

The Office of Information Technology will be a collaborative community of IT professionals that serves The University of Alabama’s students, faculty and staff with innovative and reliable technology resources. 

Our Mission

It is our mission to advance research, teaching, learning and operations at The University of Alabama by providing exceptional technology services and support to students, faculty and staff.

Our Values

  • Reliable – we are the trusted provider of IT services for the campus community 
  • Responsive– we quickly adapt and take action to support our customers
  • Collaborative – we promote cross team collaboration within our organization and with the UA community 
  • Change – we embrace and drive change that benefits our customers 
  • Respect – we foster an inclusive, open and honest environment, respecting the knowledge and expertise of others 
  • Innovate – we empower our employees to creative innovative solutions
  • Improve – we foster an environment of continuous improvement, and we embrace new ideas
  • Positive – we cultivate a positive, solutions-driven culture

John McGowan
Dr. John P. McGowan, UA vice provost and chief information officer

Our Leadership

Dr. John P. McGowan

Dr. John P. McGowan joined the University of Alabama as Vice Provost and Chief Information Officer (CIO) in July 2008. McGowan has more than 20 years of experience in information technology, including serving as CIO for both the University of Texas at San Antonio and Florida International University. He also served as Chief Technology Officer for the University of Southern Mississippi. McGowan has been a consultant to universities and colleges as well as a director of project planning for SCT, a major software company in higher education.

McGowan was selected as one of the world’s Top 10 Leaders in IT by Cisco Corp. in 2003. He served on Cisco’s Enterprise Technical Advisory Board from 2003-2005 and has also been a member of PeopleSoft Corp.’s Technical Advisory Board. He was a member of the project advisory committee of the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study Human Genome Project.

Prior to moving into information technology, McGowan spent 11 years as a research biochemist in the fields of cancer research and molecular biology. He earned his doctorate in pharmaceutical chemistry at the University of the Pacific.