Display your message across campus.

UA maintains over 400 digital signage displays in over 90 buildings. Signage owners and managers are welcome to post their own content to digital signage, as well as official UA shared content from other organizations, departments or colleges. This shared content is distributed to sign managers each week. If you would like to display your content on campus digital signage, please follow the procedure and content guidelines on our ad submission page.

Technical Problems

To report a technical problem with a digital sign (i.e., the screen is blank or flickering) in your building, contact Audio/Visual Solutions at 205-348-3453 or email avsolutions@ua.edu.

Hardware & Installation

If you would like to install a digital sign in your building, please contact Audio/Visual Solutions at 205-348-3453 for information on pricing and our current installation schedule.

Emergency Communications

One of the methods The University of Alabama uses for emergency notification is UA Alerts.  Digital Signage enhances the University’s ability to reach students, faculty, and staff by simultaneously triggering multiple contact points. The majority of digital signs are part of this alert system and default to emergency content when necessary. The system is normally tested on the first Wednesday of the month. Each test will be announced in advance for planning purposes.

Contact Ivon Foster-McGowan for more information or questions about campus digital signage.