Congrats Grads!

Shortly after graduation, your access to UA IT services and resources will expire. This page provides guidance for file storage, software access and email use after graduation.

Software + Storage

Access to UA-licensed software will expire soon after graduation. Some of our software partners offer discounted service to recent graduates.

Microsoft O365

Student access to Microsoft O365 apps (including Microsoft OneDrive) will end shortly after graduation. Students should export all content that they wish to keep out of OneDrive and into a personal cloud storage platform.

Microsoft offers discounted 365 subscriptions to recent graduates. This includes apps like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, as well as Microsoft Teams and OneDrive. Visit Microsoft’s website to purchase a 365 license. Once you’ve established the license, migrate content from your UA O365 account to your new personal account. Microsoft offers a step-by-step guide for moving files.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Access to your Enterprise Adobe Creative Cloud will expire immediately after graduation. Please migrate any Creative Cloud assets to a personal Creative Cloud account before commencement. Instructions for doing so are available on Adobe’s website.

Cloud Storage

Graduating students should export content stored in Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Microsoft Teams or OneDrive and move any assets you wish to keep to a personal storage account or platform. Any remaining content will be deleted.

Blackboard Learn

Courses in Blackboard will expire two years after the semester in which they are completed; however, it is an instructor’s choice as to whether course content expires sooner. If there is specific content or assignments you wish to save from a course in Blackboard, we recommend you save it apart from the Blackboard system.

Crimson Email

Graduating students have the option to keep Crimson email accounts. In order to keep your Crimson email account, access it regularly through an email app, or on the web at Accounts that go one year without access will be deactivated.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Soon after graduation, your Duo account will be deactivated and removed from your myBama and Crimson email accounts. Microsoft multi-factor authentication is required for alumni to access Crimson email. Once Duo is removed from your account, you will receive a prompt to activate Microsoft multi-factor authentication.