Follow the instructions below to setup the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client on Windows.

  1. Download the Cisco AnyConnect VPN client.
  2. Double-click the downloaded file. It is a silent install, but you may notice some flickering of icons. Wait approximately one minute and you should see a Cisco AnyConnect box pop up. If you do not see the Cisco AnyConnect window, you may need to click the application in your system tray.
  3. Click “Connect” to establish a connection. If a full URL is required, enter “”.
  4. Authenticate with myBama username + password + Duo method in the “Second Password” field. In the “Second Password” field, you can enter push to receive a push notification to your Duo-registered device, phone to receive a phone call to your Duo registered phone, or you can enter a passcode retrieved from the Duo app. Users must have a Duo account to access the VPN.
  5. You may need to click Yes to allow a certificate. After this step, you’re connected!