External Email Labeling

To better alert UA employees of possible phishing emails, effective August 3, 2020, OIT will begin labeling incoming emails from external sources.

Beginning Aug. 3, all emails that are sent from an email account outside of the UA domain will be labeled as [EXTERNAL] in the subject line. The purpose of this initiative is to help UA faculty and staff better spot phishing messages.

Not all emails marked with [EXTERNAL] are or should be considered suspicious, they are simply coming from a source external to UA. The message could be a friend, colleague, family member, vendor, service provider, etc. Below is an example of an email from a vendor flagged as [EXTERNAL].

OIT has tested external email labeling for one year within OIT, as well as with a test group outside of OIT.  Many test users provided feedback that they enjoyed the external labeling because it provides a way to easily detect and delete unwanted emails.

Please note, this change will only be applied to OIT-supported mail. As always, if you receive an email that you suspect to be phishing or a scam, please forward the message to security@ua.edu for review.