The University of Alabama computer network, equipment, and resources are owned by the University and are provided primarily to support the academic and administrative functions of the University. The use of these computer resources is governed by federal and state law and University policies.

The use of email accounts is subject to these terms of use.


Faculty and staff can request departmental and/or class accounts for departmental or teaching purposes. The person who submits the online request form is responsible for all activity on that account and is referred to as the owner of the account. Submit the Exchange account request form to the IT Service Desk to get started. 

Student Organizations

Student organization accounts are handled through the Office of the Dean of Students. The organization’s faculty/staff advisor should request the account, manage account access through requests for new passwords, and supervise all activity on that account. Submit the Exchange account request form to the IT Service Desk to get started.

LISTSERV Mass Email for Groups 25 or more

Listserv is a mass email applications that allows users to email a large number of users at once without running the risk of your email being blocked on other email systems as a spammer.  It allows you to email tens, hundreds or thousands of users in just a few minutes.

Request LISTSERV Mailing Address