The Office of Information Technology’s Project Management Office creates campus partnerships by providing outstanding customer service and satisfaction throughout the course, and completion, of a project.

Our team works diligently to ensure that the delivery of a project meets or exceeds customer expectations. We strive for process excellence while improving project management processes. We work to capture and communicate benefits as well as any positive/negative change to the business resulting from the project. Additionally, our team works to ensure compliance of a project. We follow security, communication and regulatory requirements as part of the deliverables of the project results.

The Project Management Guide will explain our complete process with template links and examples for any project lead to follow.

For further information, please contact the Project Management Office.

Project Management Staff

Director of Project Management

Project Coordinators

The OIT Project Management Office conducts many projects for campus partners including construction projects, network upgrades, as well as software and system implementations. Below are just a few project highlights.

Security Projects Program

This project is focused on analyzing the need for and implementing various security tools on OIT critical servers and applications in order to better secure the data residing in/on them. The goal of this project is to provide a more secure environment for the personal data of UA students, faculty and staff.

UA Sci Net

This project consists of the implementation of the OIT components of the UA SciNet as specified in the NSF CC*DNI Grant Proposal. It includes procuring, deploying, and testing a dedicated 40Gbps network in up to seven buildings to be determined but to include Gordon Palmer Hall, NOAA National Water Center, and Cyber Hall. It will include integration of the RC2 platform.

Video Conferencing Solution

UA is seeking a reliable, and secure, video conferencing solution to be compatible with the IITS-provided platform which supports both conference rooms equipped with video conferencing systems as well as individuals who wish to stream from a desktop.

Policy Development Management System

Through this project, our team is working with the OIT unit EDAS to develop an interface workflow to submit, approve and store University policies. Upon completion of this project, UA will have a streamlined process to be able to create and utilize University policies.

DUO Implementation

Our office has worked with the OIT Security team to implement DUO two-factor authentication to students, faculty and staff at UA.With the implementation of DUO, OIT can better secure accounts from remote attackers. We’ve also worked with the OIT unit EDAS to apply DUO to many campus resources including myBama, Crimson Mail and Campus VPN.

Project Request Form

*Please note that by submitting this form, you are submitting a request for a project. Once your request is received, an OIT project manager will reach out to learn more about your project and determine when/if the team can begin the project.*