The Office of Information Technology provides many services to keep UA students, faculty and staff safe online.

Report an Incident

All cyber incidents should be reported and investigated.


Learn more about Duo two factor authentication and register your device to get started.

Phishing 101

Got a phishy email?
Learn the red flags of phishing attempts to avoid being a victim.

Top Security Tips

Do not share sensitive data

  • Do not share personal information via email.
  • Do not open email attachments from sources you do not trust.
  • Back up your devices regularly.
  • Do not click on internet pop up ads or videos, especially on social media. 
  • Keep your browser and operating software up to date.

Keep passwords private

  • Do not share passwords, and change your passwords often.
  • Longer passwords are stronger passwords. We recommend 12 or more characters. 
  • Use multi-factor authentication, like Duo for all of your online accounts. Gmail, Yahoo and iCloud all offer multi-factor authentication. 
  • Do not display passwords on or near your computer.
  • Store passwords in a secure and encrypted environment like LastPass

Be smart with your smart phone

  • Enable secure access and have a password, pattern or biometrics to unlock your screen.
  • Delete emails that contain confidential information.
  • Report a lost or stolen phone.
  • Do not store confidential information in your phone such as PINs or credit card information.
  • Beware of location tracking in your device.

Only join secure wifi networks that require a password

  • Faculty/Staff should use a VPN to connect to the UA network when off campus.
  • Do not pay bills, access bank accounts or shop online over public WiFi.