The Office of Information Technology offers Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to campus customers. GIS can be used for capturing, storing and displaying data based off of location.

ArcDesktop Installation and Usage Instruction

OIT can assist users in the installation and general use of software.  More advanced instruction in the use of tools, geo-processing procedures, etc. can be arranged on an individual basis. Visit the OIT software catalog to obtain ArcGIS software.

Data Analysis

Our team can work with your team to select appropriate tools and methods to aid in analyzing data sets appropriately.

Topological Modeling

We can assist users in determining spatial relationships of adjacent features in their data sets.

Python Scripting for Automating Workflows

OIT can write scripts utilizing Python to automate repetitive tasks and mitigate the complexity of applying multiple tasks to a data set.

Web Application Development

Customized web applications can be developed in-house, or users can be directed to boxed ArcGIS Online web products for simple representation of data and creation of dashboards.

Centralized Data Sources

Though data can be stored locally on a user’s machine in a personal geo-database, it is advantageous to utilize an enterprise geo-database for sharing of data across multiple users.  Our GIS software and hardware will soon be updated to allow for more flexibility of such data sharing on UA servers.

Real-Time GIS Services

Real-Time GIS services are possible through ArcGIS Geo-event Server.  These services include monitoring capabilities for fleet vehicles, social media, and meters with the appropriate hardware.

Geo-Database Data Modeling

We can assist users in designing a geo-database based on needs to include data modeling through to a finished database schema.

Mapping Basics (Spatial Analysis)

  • Where
  • Quantities
  • Densities
  • What is inside
  • What is nearby
  • Change

Let us help by assisting with analyzing data along the basic fronts noted.

ArcGIS Online Services

OIT can provide support for users by setting up ArcGIS Online accounts and helping them navigate the available tools and GIS services.

Location Analytics

OIT can assist users with analytics packages that employ GIS data.

Get Started

Ready to kickoff your GIS project? Submit an inquiry with the IT Service Desk with details and our GIS support staff will be in touch.