The UA Campus Network

Built by Bama

OIT maintains an extensive, mostly underground, cable plant to connect the UA campus.

We provide networking and telephone services to over 120 University buildings as well as multiple off-site locations.  Most buildings are connected to the core network with 1 Gbps services.  The core itself operates at 10 Gbps. (Gbps – Gigabits, billions of bits per second.)

To provide superior Internet connectivity, we operate one or more network equipment closets in each building.  These closets host the switches that connect buildings to the core network, as well as switches that fan out to all of the wall jacks and wireless access points in the building.  Closets are equipped with air conditioning and UPS systems to protect against any brief power outages, and to also provide power line conditioning.

Wireless Advancements

OIT has deployed more than 6,000 monitored wireless access points across campus.  These access points provide WiFi services in almost all buildings, and they are designed to provide high-density coverage in classrooms, libraries and other areas of heavy use.

This extensive network infrastructure has been modernized in recent years, and it represents a major investment in the quality of technology services for UA students, faculty and staff.  Our network is secured using multiple layers of firewalls, intrusion detection, and other modern security technologies.

Get Connected

UA offers both wired and wireless connections to UA students, faculty and staff. Learn how to get connected today!

Alabama Regional Education Network

UA is a member of the Alabama Regional Education Network which provides wide-area networking (WAN) infrastructure to the three main UA System campuses (UA, UAB, UAH).  This network and its secondary connections provide highly reliable connections between the campuses and to Internet exchange points in Atlanta and Nashville with maximum bandwidth of 100 Gbps.