OIT provides many backup and cloud storage options for UA students, faculty and staff.

What is cloud storage?

Cloud storage is a service where data is remotely maintained, managed and backed-up. By storing files in the cloud, they can be readily retrieved through an internet connection. OIT recommends storing files in the cloud to have fast, and secure, access to files. UA students, faculty and staff have access to a variety of cloud storage solutions. Review each below and learn best practices of what content to store where.

Microsoft OneDriveOneDrive logo

OneDrive offers secure cloud storage that allows students, faculty and staff to seamlessly collaborate and access files from anywhere with an internet connection. Along with all O365 apps, OneDrive offers mobile apps to view, edit, create and share content on the go.

Accessing OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is available for all UA students, faculty and staff, and it can be used online or in desktop and mobile apps. To install the desktop app, log into office.com with your myBama email address and password. Click Install Office to download the full O365 suite of tools. We have a step-by-step guide with more details. To download OneDrive on your mobile device, visit your device’s app store and install the Microsoft OneDrive app. Once downloaded, login with your myBama email address and password. 

Benefits of using OneDrive with the Microsoft 0365 suite of tools

  • Automatically save a backup copy of your files 
  • Access files from anywhere
  • Easily switch between different devices 
  • Share files with anyone, anywhere  

File Syncing

With OneDrive installed, users can sync files between a computer and the cloud, securing access to files from anywhere – your computer, your mobile device, and even through the OneDrive website. If you make a change to a file in one place, the change is reflected anywhere you use OneDrive. Note – when accessing files on the web, you’ll notice the file name begins with bama365-my.sharepoint. This reflects your UA enterprise account. 

Storage + Backup

Students, faculty and staff can store up to 5TB of data in Microsoft OneDrive, and each Microsoft Team also receives 5 TB of shared storage. Because of this high storage amount, OneDrive is a good solution for archiving files. Sensitive data, including HIPAA data can be stored in OneDrive. All O365 data, including OneDrive, is stored on US-based servers.

File Names

When files are saved to OneDrive, you’ll see that shared links

OneDrive Training

Microsoft offers guides on their website, and the UA LMS offers OneDrive training. Additionally, Microsoft offers a OneDrive Quick Guide for students, educators and researchers. 

OneDrive FAQs

Can students use OneDrive?
Yes! Students have access to OneDrive with their Microsoft Office 365 account.  

Who can I share OneDrive files with?
You can share your files with anyone. Remember to always share files with specific individuals, never with “everyone” or the “public” and that once a file is shared with someone and they download it to their device, they can share it with others. 

Who can see/access my OneDrive files?
By default all files are only accessible by you, the owner, until you share them. It is a good idea to review any sharing or permissions you have given on your OneDrive files at the beginning of each semester. 

Where is my data housed?
Data in OneDrive is housed on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure in the US. 

What happens to my files in OneDrive after I graduate or leave the University?
Access to OneDrive will expire shortly after your departure from UA. Any personal files you wish to keep should be moved to a personal cloud storage account.

Can I move files from Box to OneDrive if I want OneDrive to be my main storage location?
Microsoft offers a Box to OneDrive migration guide if you are interested in moving files from Box to OneDrive. When migrating files from Box to OneDrive, keep your own files in your OneDrive, and shared files can be stored in your Team OneDrive.

Boxbox logo

Box is encrypted, secure cloud storage provided by Box.com. Box is an easy-to-use, safe way to store and share files with colleagues at and outside of UA. Box can be used to store sensitive data, including HIPAA data. All Box servers are US-based.

Box offers mobile apps to view, edit, create and share content on the go.  OIT does not recommend Box as an archive solution. To access your Box account, visit box.ua.edu.

Google Drive

Students receive Google Drive storage with a Google Crimson email account. Students with Google accounts may continue to use Google Drive storage after student email is moved to Microsoft; however, OneDrive or Box is recommended.  To share files via Google Drive, a Google account is required.  To access your Google Drive account, visit google.com/drive.

Store Securely

OIT Security provides a data classification chart. Review the chart to ensure your sensitive information is stored appropriately.

Storage Amounts and Eligibility

Service Name Storage Amount Max Single File Size Eligibility
OneDrive 5 TB 100 GB Students, Faculty, Staff
Box Currently Unlimited! 15 GB Students, Faculty, Staff
Google Drive 15 GB Students