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OneDrive offers secure cloud storage that allows students, faculty and staff to seamlessly collaborate and access files from anywhere with an internet connection. Along with all O365 apps, OneDrive offers mobile apps to view, edit, create and share content on the go. OneDrive is ideal for sharing content and files with others at UA.

OneDrive can be used to store sensitive data, including HIPAA data as the University has a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Business Associate Agreement (HIPAA BAA) with Microsoft to allow use for Protected Health Information.

Benefits of using OneDrive with Microsoft 365

  • Automatically save a backup copy of your files
  • Access files from anywhere
  • Easily switch between different devices
  • Share files with anyone, anywhere
  • 5TB of storage space
  • 100GB Maximum single file size

File Syncing

With OneDrive installed, users can sync files between a computer and the cloud, securing access to files from anywhere – your computer, your mobile device, and even through the OneDrive website. If you make a change to a file in one place, the change is reflected anywhere you use OneDrive. Note – when accessing files on the web, you’ll notice the file name begins with bama365-my.sharepoint. This reflects your UA enterprise account.

Storage + Backup

Students, faculty and staff can store up to 5TB of data in Microsoft OneDrive, and each Microsoft Team also receives 5 TB of shared storage. Because of this high storage amount, OneDrive is a good solution for archiving files. Sensitive data, including HIPAA data can be stored in OneDrive. All O365 data, including OneDrive, is stored on US-based servers.

File Sharing

There are multiple ways to initiate sharing in OneDrive. Below are a few options.

  • With the document open in the Microsoft application (ex: Word, PowerPoint, Excel), click the File button from the top bar, select Share from the left hand bar, and the top option, “Share with People”, should be selected.
  • When creating or editing a document online, click the Share button on the top right of the screen.
  • In the OneDrive Online Documents file list, click the checkmark next to an existing file or folder, and select the Share button in the screens top menu.
  • In the OneDrive Online Documents file list, right click an existing file or folder, and select Share.

Sharing with Individuals and Groups

  • People you specify can view is the default settings for sharing files in OneDrive. This option does not allow the user to make changes to the document, just view and download.
    • You have the option to block downloads. To do this you must uncheck the “Allow editing” option.
  • People you specify can edit allows the people you share the file with to make changes to the document, download the document, and share the document with others.
  • Anyone with the link gives access to anyone who receives this link, whether they receive it directly from you or forwarded from someone else. This may include people outside of your organization.
  • People in The University of Alabama with the link gives anyone within the organization who has the link access to the file, whether they receive it directly from you or forwarded from someone else.
  • People with existing access can be used by people who already have access to the document or folder. It does not change any permissions. Use this if you just want to send a link to somebody who already has access.
  • Specific people gives access only to the people you specify, although other people may already have access. If people forward the sharing invitation, only people who already have access to the item will be able to use the link.

File Sharing Tips

  • Always choose the option to share files with “specific people”
    • If the option “Anyone” or “People in The University of Alabama” is selected, the file is no longer private
  • Use folders to share multiple files with others online. Managing access is easier this way too!
  • Remember that once a file/folder is shared with someone and they download it to their device, they can share it with others
  • Sharing files with edit permissions allows multiple people to edit the same file simultaneously.

OneDrive Training

OIT regularly offers live webinar trainings on using Microsoft OneDrive. Visit our Events calendar to see OIT-hosted sessions. Microsoft offers guides on their website, and the UA LMS offers OneDrive training. Additionally, Microsoft offers a OneDrive Quick Guide for students, educators and researchers.


Free to current students, faculty and staff.


Faculty Staff Students

Microsoft OneDrive is available for all UA students, faculty and staff, and it can be used online or in desktop and mobile apps.

Web Version

Visit to log in, access, upload and download files from the web. Sign in with your or Crimson email address and myBama password.

Desktop + Mobile Apps

Users can install the OneDrive desktop app for full OneDrive functionality. Log into with your or Crimson email address and myBama password.  Click Install Office to download the full O365 suite of tools. We have a  step-by-step guide with more details. 

To download OneDrive on your mobile device, visit your device’s app store and install the Microsoft OneDrive app. Once downloaded, login with your myBama email address and password. 

OneDrive FAQs

Can students use OneDrive?
Yes! Students have access to OneDrive with their Microsoft Office 365 account.  

Who can I share OneDrive files with?
You can share your files with anyone. Remember to always share files with specific individuals, never with “everyone” or the “public” and that once a file is shared with someone and they download it to their device, they can share it with others. 

Who can see/access my OneDrive files?
By default all files are only accessible by you, the owner, until you share them. It is a good idea to review any sharing or permissions you have given on your OneDrive files at the beginning of each semester. 

Where is my data housed?
Data in OneDrive is housed on Microsoft’s cloud infrastructure in the US. 

What happens to my files in OneDrive after I graduate or leave the University?
Access to OneDrive will expire shortly after your departure from UA. Any personal files you wish to keep should be moved to a personal cloud storage account.

Can I move files from Box to OneDrive if I want OneDrive to be my main storage location?
Microsoft offers a Box to OneDrive migration guide if you are interested in moving files from Box to OneDrive. When migrating files from Box to OneDrive, keep your own files in your OneDrive, and shared files can be stored in your Team OneDrive.

Eligibility and Cost

Office 365 is provided free of charge to currently enrolled students, faculty and staff. When departing the University, staff will lose access to Office 365 one day after departure, faculty will lose access six months after departure, and students will lose access one semester after departure.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on University-owned and personal machines and devices.

Software obtained through the Office 365 Education plan has the same features and functions as other versions of Office and can be used offline; however, users must connect to the Internet once every 30 days to verify they are still eligible for the program.  Upon graduation, separation, retirement or otherwise exiting the University, subscriptions will end. Office 365 Education is provided as a benefit of the University’s Microsoft Campus Agreement.

Software Information

OIT supports the installation of Office 365; however, OIT does not offer support for individual applications. To see application tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit Microsoft’s website.