Have questions about Duo?

Check out our frequently asked questions below, and contact our IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 with any additional questions.

What is two-factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication, also referred to as multi-factor authentication, provides an additional layer of security when logging in to a website. Two-factor is becoming the standard in cyber security. Google, Apple, and other services all have their own two-factor authentication methods. In short, passwords are no longer sufficient in protecting our sensitive data, we’ve got to add another layer of security to our accounts.

What are my authentication options?

  • Duo Push – if you have the Duo Mobile App installed on your smartphone or tablet, you can receive a push notification. From the app, you can approve or deny the login attempt.
  • Passcodes – You can receive a passcode by the Alabama logo in the Duo Mobile App, this does not require any wireless connectivity. You can also obtain a passcode through our self-service application. You do not have to have a smartphone for this option.
  • Phone Call – you can receive a phone call on your mobile phone or landline phone. The call will give instructions on approving or denying the login attempt.

Why do I have to type in numbers from the screen?

Verified Push is a more secure version of Duo Push that requires users to enter a numeric code from the authentication prompt on their mobile device. When Duo detects an anomaly in your login pattern, it will display a code on the screen the person is using to log in. You will simultaneously get a request to answer the code in your Duo app. The code will be a mandatory step to log in the first time you use the device, but will happen less frequently the more you use the device. Learn more.

For accessibility exceptions to Duo Verified Push, please submit a ticket to ITSD@ua.edu

What if I need a more accessible option?

OIT understands that there may be moments when users encounter accessibility challenges that impede their ability to utilize multi-factor authentication methods effectively. If you require an accessibility exception to Duo, we encourage you to reach out to us as soon as you can by submitting a ticket detailing your needs to ITSD@ua.edu. Our dedicated security team will review your request and work to provide a suitable solution tailored to your requirements.

How do I access authentication options other than Duo push?

When authenticating with Duo, click Other options. You will then see other options such as passcode, text message or phone call. Visit our other options tutorial for screenshots.

Do I have to set Duo up on a computer, or can I do it from my phone?

You can set up Duo from your phone. Rather than scanning the QR code, you can simply have Duo email you an activation link to finish setting up your account. More information, and screenshots, are available on our activation tutorial.

What are Passcodes?

If you opt-out of the Duo Mobile Application push notifications, there are a variety of passcode options to utilize as your second verification method.

  • Passcodes via Duo Mobile App – If you have the Duo Mobile app installed, you can receive a single passcode by tapping the University of Alabama logo in the mobile app. This code must be used immediately.
  • Passcodes via SMS – users can receive a batch of one-time use codes via text message. You can request these by logging into your myBama as you typically would. Once you received the Duo prompt, you can click Enter Passcode, then click on the blue button “Text me new codes.”  These codes do not expire, and they are valid until used.
  • Online-Generated Temporary Passcodes – If you do not have your device with you, you can obtain temporary passcodes. Each of the passcodes can only be used once, and will expire after 72 hours. Visit our self-service page to generate these passcodes.

Forgot your device?

If you do not have your device with you, you can obtain a batch of temporary pass codes. To obtain them, please visit our self service page. You will login with your myBama username and password, and then you will answer additional questions to receive a batch of temporary Duo access codes. Each of the passcodes you will receive can only be used once, and will expire after 72 hours. *If you have lost your device, please report it to the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555. We want to ensure someone else does not maliciously authenticate your account with your device.

Who can use Duo?

Duo is available to future and current UA students, faculty and staff. Duo is not available to UA retirees, past employees or alumni. Retirees and alumni should use Microsoft multi-factor to protect their email accounts.

Can I use Duo without using wifi or cellular data?

Yes. The passcode option on the Duo app does not require wifi or cellular connectivity, it even works on airplane mode. To use this option, visit the Duo app on your smartphone, and tap the key icon to obtain a passcode. Enter the passcode into the Duo prompt when logging into myBama.

Do I have to use Duo to access Blackboard?

No, Duo is not required to access Blackboard. You may bypass the Duo prompt by visiting ua.edu and click the top right icon to show more navigation items. From there, you can click the Blackboard icon to visit blackboard directly. You can also bookmark the link ualearn.blackboard.com for a direct access to Blackboard.

What if I get a notification that someone is trying to access my account, but I didn’t request it?

Select the red X to deny access to your account, then promptly change your myBama password.

What if I am traveling abroad?

You have several choices when traveling abroad. Be sure to test them out before your travels so you can determine which solution is best for you.

  • If you do not have your two-factor authentication device with you, please visit our self service page to obtain temporary passcodes. These expire after 72 hours, so be sure to use one of these passcodes to register a multi-factor device you can use abroad.
  • If you do have a smartphone/tablet, the Duo Mobile App can provide a six-digit passcode even if your phone or tablet doesn’t have cellular, network or wifi service. Launch the Duo Mobile App, and press the key icon to obtain a passcode.
  • If you only have a basic cell phone, register your phone to receive SMS text notifications.

Is the Duo smartphone app available for iOS (iPhone/iPad) and Android devices?

Yes! Visit the app store on your smartphone to download Duo Mobile. Please note that Google Play Services are required to receive push notifications on Android. Users without Google Play Services installed will have to “fetch” by swiping down in the Duo Mobile app.

What if I get a new smartphone or device?

If your phone number has not changed, log in at www.duo.ua.edu then choose the “Call my Phone” option. Then click on replace your existing phone or tablet with a new device. Choose your device from the list, and then follow the instructions to activate Duo Mobile on your new device.

If you have a new phone number, you will first need to obtain a temporary passcode (see the ‘What are Passcodes?’ section above). Log in at www.duo.ua.edu and enter the temporary passcode. Click on “Replace your existing phone or tablet with a new device.” Choose your device from the list, and then follow the instructions to activate Duo Mobile on your new device. We have a step-by-step guide for adding a new phone. Check it out before calling our IT Service Desk.

Can I have Duo on more than once device?

Yes. You can add devices by visiting your Duo settings. When you see the Duo prompt with the three notification options, click Settings at the top right. (Please note that if you are using the Remember Me for 30 days feature, you will need to visit mybama.ua.edu on a different web browser to receive the prompt, and access your settings.) After you click Settings, click Add a New Device. You can register smart phones, cell phones, tablets and landline phones.

What can the Duo app access on my smartphone?

The Duo smartphone application serves only to provide two factor authentication. It does not access any personal information on your device, nor does it track your location. Learn more about Duo’s commitment to privacy on their website.

Is Duo required for VPN?

Duo is required to access the campus VPN. This applies UA students, faculty and staff; anyone using VPN.  When you connect to the campus VPN, you will be prompted for your username, password and second password. In the “Second Password” field, type “push” to receive a push notification, “phone” to receive a phone call, or enter a passcode from the Duo app.  You will need an active Duo account to obtain VPN access. After this step, you’re connected! Additional instructions for using Duo with VPN is available on our VPN page where we have instructions for each unique operating system.