OIT to Remove Access to Crimson Gmail

Effective Tuesday, June 8, OIT will no longer allow users with Crimson email accounts to access Crimson email at gmail.com. Crimson accounts must be accessed in O365 at mail.crimson.ua.edu.  After June 8, if users attempt to access their Crimson email account in Gmail, they will receive the following error message.

access email in O365

Gmail not enabled

The Outlook mobile and desktop app is also available, visit our Crimson email webpage for more information.

Crimson Email Migration Update

More than 130,000 Crimson email accounts have been migrated from Gmail to Microsoft O365. This includes incoming and future UA students, currently enrolled students, and alumni.

Students can visit mail.crimson.ua.edu to access their Crimson email accounts. Note – two-factor authentication is required for email access. Future and current students should use Duo two-factor authentication, and alumni should use Microsoft multi-factor.

More information about the migration, including step-by-step guides for adding a Crimson email account to Outlook mobile and desktop apps, is available on our website. If students or alumni experience any issues accessing their email accounts, they should change their password.

Eduroam WIFI Change

Wednesday, May 5, the Eduroam WIFI network will require users to connect with their myBama email address.

Currently, users can connect to Eduroam with a myBama username and password. On May 5, users must connect with their username@ua.edu or username@crimson.ua.edu email address and myBama password. This change is required to be in compliance with Eduroam guidelines.

If users have previously connected with a username and password, they can forget their existing connection and rejoin with the proper credentials. On May 5, if users have not joined with proper credentials, they will lose their connection to Eduroam and must reconnect with the proper credentials.

Instructions on how to forget a network and how to connect to Eduroam is available on the OIT website.

Email Service Interruption, UA O365 to Crimson Google

Some UA students may have may not have received email from OIT-supported faculty and staff O365 email accounts sent from 11 p.m. Wednesday, March 10 through 6:30 p.m. Thursday, March 11.

If UA faculty and staff sent messages to students during this time window, OIT recommends that those messages be resent to ensure message delivery.  Faculty and staff can visit their “Sent” folder and resend messages to students.

No issues have been reported regarding mail sent from external sources to student Crimson Google accounts or from student Crimson Google accounts to student Crimson Google accounts.

We understand email is a critical service, and we apologize for this error and inconvenience. The email routing issue that caused this service interruption has been resolved. We are working with Strategic Communications to send this notice to UA faculty and staff.

Note – this disruption in service is in no way related to a Microsoft cybersecurity vulnerability, this was caused by a mail routing issue. 

Blackboard Clean Up

In accordance with UA’s LMS Course Retention Policy, the Center for Instructional Technology will be conducting routine Blackboard course clean up at the end of the spring 2021 semester. The Course Retention Policy states that any materials more than 2 years old will be removed from the system. Students and instructors should save any materials they wish to keep. More information is available on the CIT website.

Student Technology Needs

The Division of Student Life, Office of Information Technology and University Libraries are partnering to provide students with necessary technology tools. Hotspots, web cameras and laptops are available for lease to students in need. Students may submit a Technology Need Application on the Student Care and Well-Being website.

OIT to Decommission Legacy VPN

Tuesday, Aug. 11 at 7am OIT will decommission the legacy UAVPN environment.

All UAVPN users will automatically be moved to the new UAVPN2 environment.  OIT implemented UAVPN2 to meet the need and demand for additional virtual private network connections in March 2020 when the University transitioned to remote work and online learning.

On Aug. 11 any users who connect to UAVPN will receive an automatic download of the latest Cisco AnyConnect client. Once the client is installed, they will be connected to the new UAVPN2 environment.  No further action is required