Paty Hall Wi-Fi Outage – Sept. 20, 2023

UA-Xfinity residential wireless internet experienced an outage in Paty Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 20 that began at 2:00 PM and ended at 7 PM. On Sept. 21 at 5 AM Xfinity replaced some equipment that supports your Wi-Fi network in your building to ensure a better experience moving forward.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Xfinity at 833-455-2678.

VMware Storage Issue September 18, 2023

VMware encountered a storage issue that is impacting some of the University’s VMWare hosts. VMware is responsible for running virtual machines and servers. The issue began at 3:00 a.m., and OIT is working to resolve the issue. Visit for updates.

Residential Wi-Fi Outage – Sept. 17, 2023

UA-Xfinity residential wireless internet experienced an extended outage Saturday, Sept. 17 from 3:00 p.m. until 11:00 p.m. During that time, internet access was unavailable to many on-campus residents. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Xfinity at 833-455-2678.

Residential Wi-Fi Outage – Sept. 8, 2023

UA-Xfinity residential wireless internet experienced an extended outage Friday, Sept. 8 from 11:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m. During that time, internet access was unavailable to many on-campus residents. If you have any questions or concerns, contact Xfinity at 833-455-2678.

2023 Adobe Celebration Week – Sept. 11-15

Join OIT for a kick-off event on the Quad Sept. 12 from 12:00 – 4:00 pm. as part of the 2023 Adobe Celebration Week, Sept. 11-15. All week we’ll feature guest presenters and host workshops focused around the Adobe Creative Cloud Tools.

During the 2023 Adobe Celebration Week, we’ll dive into new Adobe offerings that utilize some of the most exciting trends in emerging technology: interactive design, on-the-go video storytelling, and more. As a reminder, Adobe Creative Cloud is available to all UA students, faculty and staff. This event is designed to spur creativity and encourage the use of Adobe Creative Cloud software across campus. We hope you’ll join us!

See a full list of the 2023 Adobe Celebration Week events and virtual workshops!

Artificial Intelligence Increases Threat of Extortion

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) warns about a growing trend of malicious individuals using deep fake technology for explicit extortion attacks. This brand of extortion involves threatening victims with publicly releasing explicit images or videos unless they pay a ransom. Previously, the compromising content used in extortion was often fake, but now threat actors are scraping publicly available images from social media platforms. They use these images as input for deep fake content creation tools, generating AI-generated explicit content that looks highly realistic. The FBI has observed an increase in extortion victims reporting the use of fake images or videos created from their social media posts or captured during video chats.

Bad actors are achieving this with content creation tools available online, including free ones, that can generate realistic videos using just a single image of a person’s face. While some of these tools have built-in protections, those sold on underground forums and the dark web may not.

The FBI’s alert mentions two common demands made by malicious actors: demanding payment with threats to share the images/videos with family or social media friends if funds are not received or forcing the victim to send real sexually-themed images or videos. The created explicit content may be posted directly to pornographic websites, exposing victims without their consent. This media manipulation activity has unfortunately affected minors as well.

To protect oneself, OIT recommends practicing safe habits online, considering the risks of sharing personal media, restricting access to personal content, and reporting any deep fake content or threats to OIT Security, UAPD, and hosting platforms.

Link to FBI Article

June 5 Phishing Email

On Monday, June 5, many UA students, faculty and staff received a scam email. The subject of the message could be “Now Hiring for Summer Employment” or a variation related to employment, and it appears to be from a Winthrop University email about “The Dimax Centre for Disability Services Council.” This is not a message from Winthrop or a disability services council and should not be engaged with. If you received this message, please mark it as spam in Outlook. If you have any questions, contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or

May 9 Social Media Warning

On Tuesday, May 9, someone who appears to be a former student posted on the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook page, offering to make a master list for students’ class assignments. Remember to NEVER give out your MyBama login information or CWID to someone on the internet.

Upgrade Windows 10 – 22H2

Beginning in May 2023, faculty and staff with Windows computers will begin receiving announcements on their computers to upgrade Windows 10 to the newest supported version, 22H2.

Faculty and staff have the option to upgrade when they receive the announcement or schedule the upgrade for another time. OIT recommends that faculty and staff perform the update at the end of the workday, as the upgrade will require 90 minutes of downtime.

This upgrade will not delete any applications or data, but as always, OIT recommends backing up before performing any OS upgrade.

Please perform this upgrade at a time convenient to you. OIT suggests starting the upgrade, or scheduling for it to occur, just before you leave for the end of the day. OIT also recommends performing the upgrade while on campus, connected to power and connected to the UA network. Below is an example of the announcement faculty and staff can expect to see.

Machines that are not upgraded by Sept. 11 will automatically receive the update from OIT. OIT recommends faculty and staff schedule the upgrade to occur this summer for it to be performed at a time of their choosing.

upgrade windows announcement