OIT Partners with Keeper Security for Student Account Needs

To enhance the digital security of its student community, the Office of Information Technology is partnering with Keeper Security, an industry leader in password management and data protection. As part of this collaboration, OIT will be offering Keeper’s Unlimited plan for free to all students. This initiative reaffirms OIT’s commitment to safeguarding the online identities and sensitive information of its students while equipping them with essential tools for navigating the digital landscape securely.

About Keeper Unlimited

Keeper Unlimited is a state-of-the-art password management solution designed to empower individuals with robust security in the digital age. With Keeper Unlimited, students at The University of Alabama can safely store, manage, and generate complex passwords for their various online accounts and services. This software is secured with advanced encryption and a zero-knowledge security architecture, ensuring that each student’s data remains fully confidential and only accessible to them. Moreover, Keeper Unlimited boasts user-friendly features like biometric login, secure note storage, two-factor authentication, and secure sharing, making it a comprehensive solution for students to protect their online presence.

The Office of Information Technology is excited to extend this resource to its student body. For instructions on how to activate your Keeper Unlimited account, please visit the Keeper software page on our website.