VPN Client Upgrade

Monday, Jan. 13, OIT will be updating the Cisco Any Connect VPN Client. Installed VPN clients will update automatically when the application is launched and will require no further action.

Newly installed clients will need to insert the domain and network in the Ready to Connect box. For most users, this will be “”.

The new VPN client will work on all supported systems. If you are currently using an unsupported operating system, you will need to upgrade the OS to a supported version to be able to use VPN. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or

Meet Panopto – UA’s New Lecture Capture Software

The Center for Instructional Technology now offers Panopto as the University’s lecture capture software. Tegrity has been used for recording lectures at the University since 2007; however, the software will be discontinued in 2020. UA’s Center for Instructional Technology selected Panopto as its replacement.

Like Tegrity, Panopto is a lecture capture software that enables students, faculty and staff to record and share videos. The more robust feature set is an easy trade-off for the inconvenience of switching systems. Now with Panopto, users can combine recordings for easy storage and then download those recordings as MP4 files. Panopto also offers non-destructive editing so users will never lose valuable information again.

Panopto is replacing tegrity

Many faculty and staff have already started using Panopto during the Fall 2019 semester and are reaping the benefits.

“It’s quick and easy to start at the beginning of each class and then easy to post to a folder on my Blackboard course home page,” said Jil Chambless, a math instructor referring to MATH 121 lectures she recorded this semester. “Several students have told me they find these helpful, not only if they miss class, but also for reviewing after a class they attended. This semester’s videos will be helpful in case of the need for academic continuity in the future.”

CIT is working to migrate 10,000 hours of Tegrity content to Panopto. Once this process is complete, instructors will have the opportunity to request the inclusion of content that was not transferred during this initial migration. The CIT will continue to have access to Tegrity content through 2020.

The CIT encourages instructors to start using Panopto on the first day of class as a “record day one” initiative. Not only does this allow instructors to become familiar with the new software, but recording the first day of class allows instructors a way to share critical information with students who may not be in attendance on the first day.

“Students often sign up for additional classes after the first day of class begins,” said Rachel Thompson, director of the CIT. “Students who are not yet enrolled or do not attend the first day of class miss out on important information such as course requirements, expectations and schedules. Recording the first day of class allows instructors to have this information readily available to share with students.”

Panopto has been installed in classrooms across campus. Instructors can access Panopto via the desktop icon, or by visiting the application menu. Step-by-step guides and tutorials for using Panopto are now available on the CIT website. Additionally, workshops on Panopto best practices will be offered throughout the semester, check out the UA events calendar to see workshop dates and to register.

Visiting Scholars – Software Access

Visiting scholars now have the same access to UA-licensed software as UA faculty. OIT received direction from Academic Affairs to license all visiting scholars as faculty members. On the OIT website, wherever a software catalog item is eligible to faculty, it is now also eligible to visiting scholars. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 or  

Windows Jabber Vulnerability

A vulnerability has been published for Cisco Jabber Windows software versions prior to 12.6(2). Windows users need to update to the latest version of Jabber, available on the Tech Tab of myBama. By downloading the latest version, Jabber will update to the latest release. OIT Security recommends that all Windows users update Jabber as soon as possible to secure against the vulnerability.

More information about this vulnerability is available on Cisco’s website. Please note that Mac, Apple iOS and Android versions are not affected by this vulnerability.

Adobe Creative Cloud Free for UA Students

Beginning Sept. 12, UA students will have full access to Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe’s suite of multimedia design tools, at no cost. Along with providing the software, The University of Alabama will also be designated as an Adobe Creative Campus.

“Last spring we surveyed UA students asking what tools OIT could provide to better support UA students,” said Meagan Bennett, OIT director of customer relations. “Hands down Adobe was the most requested item.”

Access to Creative Cloud includes access to tools including Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Premiere Pro, Lightroom and many more applications. Providing Creative Cloud to all students enhances the student learning experience and provides students the opportunity to leverage technologies in new ways.

“It is our job to provide services, tools and software that students need to succeed,” said UA Chief Information Officer Dr. John McGowan. “I am proud to say that The University of Alabama is now an Adobe Creative Campus.”

Auburn is the only other school in the SEC with the same recognition.

“Many of our students are expected to graduate with a proficiency in these tools,” said McGowan. “It’s crucial that we offer them to our students.”

To activate their Adobe Creative Cloud accounts, students should visit on or after Thursday, Sept. 12.

“We’re excited to see how students use these tools,” said McGowan. “I am constantly inspired by our students’ creativity, and I look forward to seeing how Creative Cloud is put into use in each college on our campus.”

Adobe will be hosting a software launch event on campus at the Ferguson Center Plaza Thursday, Sept. 12 from 10am – 2pm to promote the new software offering.

UA faculty and staff will continue to have enterprise-level access to Adobe Creative Cloud, the same access that students will gain on Sept. 12.

Panopto to Replace Tegrity as UA Lecture Capture System

McGraw Hill, parent company of Tegrity lecture capture system, announced that it will discontinue support for Tegrity. OIT has selected Panopto as UA’s new lecture capture solution. Tegrity will remain available to faculty, staff, and students through December 2019 as we work to transition content from Tegrity to Panopto. 

To learn more about Panopto, and the transition from Tegrity, visit the Center for Instructional Technology’s website.

Change in Adobe for Labs

An Adobe ID is now required to use Adobe software. Faculty and staff are licensed for Enterprise Adobe accounts, and can use these accounts to download and access the software on their own computers and in lab environments.  To create an Enterprise account, faculty and staff can visit the OIT website.

On shared devices and lab environments, students may use Creative Cloud in computer labs/classrooms that have the shared device license software installed. An Adobe ID is required to access this software. Students can create an Adobe ID on the Adobe website, or they can login with an existing Adobe ID.

Box to End Support for Sierra

Effective May 1, 2019, Box will no longer support Box Sync, Box Tools, Notes for Desktop and Box Drive on Mac OS X 10.12 (Sierra). Box will continue to support Box on the latest two versions of Mac OS X (High Sierra and Mojave). To continue to receive Box support and the latest security patches, ensure your Mac System is upgraded to either OS X 10.14 (Mojave) or OS X 10.13 (High Sierra).

Kivuto Webstore Upgrade

Friday, Feb. 15, 2019 the UA Kivuto webstore will be upgraded causing it to be unavailable from 7:00 a.m. until 7:30 a.m. This will only impact new downloads of VMware’s Academic Program. The download service will resume by 7:30 a.m.