Keep Your Email Account After Retirement

Faculty and staff who officially retire from UA, including those with the distinction Professor Emeritus, may continue to use their UA email after retirement. If preferred, retirees can instead have their UA email forward to a personal email account. For assistance with forwarding email, please contact our IT Service Desk.

Any staff or faculty member who voluntarily terminates employment, and is not eligible for retirement, is no longer eligible to utilize a UA email account.

  • Staff accounts are deactivated the day after termination is effective.
  • Faculty accounts are deactivated six months after termination is effective.

If any faculty or staff member is involuntarily terminated from UA, access to their email account will be deactivated immediately. OIT will not extend access beyond those official dates without permission from Human Resources. If access is needed beyond the official dates, users will may make a request with Human Resources.

File Storage + Software

Access to share drives, cloud storage and University provided software ends upon retirement and/or termination of employment. Employees with files they wish to keep should move these files to a personal storage device or account before terminating employment.

If you use Box or OneDrive to store any personal data, you will need to create a personal account using a personal email address – not an address. Once the personal account is created, you can move personal files to the account. Remember you should never sync folders that contain sensitive or private information to computers not owned and managed by UA. In addition, all UA proprietary or confidential material must be removed from the account upon leaving the University.