OIT supports wireless internet in all residence halls and most Greek houses. There are two networks available in residences.


Eduroam is the primary network for students at UA. Students can connect to eduroam with their crimson email address and myBama password. Laptops, smartphones and tablets should connect to eduroam.


The PSK network provides internet service to gaming, streaming and media devices that do not support enterprise encrypted networks like Eduroam.

To connect a device to PSK, first select UA-WPA-PSK as the network from your device. You will then be prompted for a password. To obtain the password, visit the Tech Tab on myBama. We store this password on the Tech Tab of myBama so that only UA community members can utilize the network.

When connecting to PSK the network will automatically detect the device type. If you are prompted with a web page requesting a second login, enter your myBama username and password. After successful authentication, you will see a green checkbox indicating the successful connection. If your device does not connect, you may need to manually register your device with its MAC address.

To register your device, please visit http://wireless-enrollment.ua.edu. If you are unable to connect after registering your device, please contact the IT Service Desk at 205-348-5555 with your IP address and device type.

Make the most of your connection.

Do not use personal wireless routers or hotspots. 

Personal routers and hotspots cloud the network and cause interference with the UA network. By using a personal router or hotspot, you interfere with others’ connections, not just your own.

Disable the network created by wireless printers.

Similar to a hotspot, wireless printers can cause interference and cloud the network. Disable your printer’s “Direct Print” feature, and connect your printer to your computer with a USB cable. UA Libraries have printers available for students if you prefer not to bring a printer to campus.

Remember that other devices can interfere with the wireless network.

Microwaves, gaming consoles, and bluetooth connections can all interfere with the UA network. If you experience issues with the UA network, try disabling or physically moving these devices and then restarting your connection.

Gaming systems, TVs, and other media devices may connect through PSK. 

Some consumer-focused products are not compatible with enterprise-level secured networks like eduroam. Follow the instructions above to connect to UA-WPA-PSK. Because of the large number of device types and products, OIT cannot provide support service to each internet-connected device on campus.

Do not connect to UA Guest. 

The UA Guest network is not as robust as Eduroam and PSK. The Guest network is designed to be a network for guest use only. To get the best connection, students should connect to Eduroam.

Spread out. 

OIT supports more than 10,000 wireless access points across campus. Crowded areas with many people and devices can mean slower connections. The campus network has been mapped to provide coverage across campus.  Consider visiting a different room or hallway to get a stronger connection.

Contact us for help!

If you’ve followed the tips above, and you are still experiencing connection issues, give us a call at 205-348-5555! Our team is happy to serve you. Please be prepared to provide the MAC address of your device.

Wired Connections

Wired connections are available in most residences. Consider connecting your computer to the internet via an ethernet cord. This can serve as your backup option to establish reliable internet connectivity.

To establish a wired connection, connect an ethernet cord from the ethernet port in your residence to your computer. Once plugging in, you will be prompted to enter your device’s MAC address. If no login page is presented, students may self-register devices by visiting http://wired-enrollment.ua.edu and logging in with myBama credentials. Wired internet service is not offered in every residence hall. Check with your RA for more information.