Staying connected never felt easier, thanks to Xfinity

Connect to fast WiFi coverage and awesome entertainment in your residence hall

How to connect to the WiFi

  1. Visit
  2. Enter “University of Alabama” in the search field
  3. Sign in using your myBama username and password
  4. Once signed in, visit the Account tab. Under the Profile tab, you’ll find your WiFi information.
  5. Locate your network on your device from the list of those available using the WiFi information provided

After you have signed in once with your device, you will automatically connect to the network in your following sessions.

Guest access to WiFi

Your guests may access WiFi by connecting to Guest-Xfinity. Guest access will last seven days. After seven days you will have to renew your access.

Turn any screen into a TV with the Xfinity Stream app

There’s more to watch in more places, with over 200 channels, thousands of movies and shows, and 20 hours of DVR storage to record your favorites.

How to get connected

  1. Download the Xfinity Stream app and tap “Sign in here,” or visit
  2. Enter “University of Alabama” in the search field
  3. Sign in using your myBama username and password
  4. Once signed in, start watching

Get the speed you need at a great price

Visit to see how you can step up your internet speed so you can download and upload even faster.


Do not use personal wireless routers or hotspots. 

Personal routers and hotspots cloud the network and cause interference with the UA network. Using a personal router or hotspot interferes with others’ connections, not just your own.

Disable the network created by wireless printers.

Similar to a hotspot, wireless printers can cause interference and cloud the network. Disable your printer’s “Direct Print” feature, and connect your printer to your computer with a USB cable. UA Libraries have printers available for students if you prefer not to bring a printer to campus.

Remember that other devices can interfere with the wireless network.

Microwaves, gaming consoles, and Bluetooth connections can all interfere with the UA network. If you experience issues with the Xfinity network, try disabling or physically moving these devices and then restarting your connection.

Do not connect to Guest-Xfinity. 

The Guest-Xfinity network is designed to be a network for guests only. Students living on campus should connect to UA-Xfinity.

Contact Xfinity for help!

If you’ve followed the tips above and you are still experiencing connection issues, sign into and navigate to the Support tab to receive support. The Xfinity Assistant tool within the portal can connect you with a live chat agent for instant support.

You’ll need to be in your campus housing and have the device experiencing connectivity issues with you. Please make sure you have ready:

  • Your crimson email address
  • Your campus housing address
  • Your residence hall number (if applicable)
  • Your phone number
  • The ticket number for an existing issue, which makes it easy to pull up your account information

If you’re unable to use the real-time chat support available at, Xfinity On Campus can be reached at 833-455-2678

Please note: If you are experiencing connectivity issues, contact Xfinity first to determine the root cause. Credential issues can be resolved by the Office of Information Technology.

Internet service in residential buildings is covered by Xfinity WiFi exclusively. UA and Xfinity do not provide wired network connections in residence halls.

Comcast may have the right to exclusively market certain services to residents. We are not an exclusive provider of any services and services from other providers may be available.

Restrictions apply. Not available in all areas. Services and features vary based upon service level. Actual speeds vary and not guaranteed. For factors affecting speed visit Streaming content limited to the U.S. © 2023 Comcast. All rights reserved.