OrCAD Capture CIS Lite



OrCAD CIS is a key part of the OrCAD schematic design entry solution. Integrated into corporate databases, you can automatically synchronize and validate externally sourced component data with the schematic design database, thereby eliminating manual data entry and guesswork. It solves a critical problem for your engineering teams by quickly and easily selecting the best component available, based on both the technical AND business parameters critical for success. OrCAD® CIS (Component Information System) provides easy access to your company’s component databases and part information. Seamlessly integrated within OrCAD Capture, OrCAD CIS greatly enhances the part selection and verification process and significantly boosts your productivity by reducing the amount of time spent researching for parts or reusing existing parts, eliminating manual entry of part information, and maintaining synchronization of component data.


No cost for eligible users.


Faculty Staff Students

OrCAD Capture CIS Lite is available to College of Engineering students, faculty and staff. Access the software through the link below with myBama credentials. The College of Engineering offers support to Engineering students, faculty and staff. Contact support@eng.ua.edu for assistance.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download software through the link below.
  2. Run SPB_17.2.exe to unzip the archive
  3. Inside the SPB_17.2 folder, open the Tools folder, open the Bin folder, and run the Capture.exe
  4. You might get a pop-up message about the OrCAD Capture license not being found – Click Don’t ask me again and then click Yes.
Download Software

Eligibility and Cost

This software is available to UA students, faculty and staff in the College of Engineering.

Software Information

This software is only supported on Windows operating systems.