Zoom Video Conferencing


Zoom provides cloud video conferencing, simple online meetings and group messaging creating a complete conference room solution.  Zoom accounts are available to students, faculty and staff; however, only those hosting or scheduling meetings are required to have a Zoom account. Attendees can participate in meetings without Zoom accounts. View informational video resources on Zoom’s website. These videos showcase everything from how to start a meeting to screen sharing and meeting controls.

Zoom Tutorials and Resources

The Center for Instructional Technology offers resources and webinars to support Zoom. Visit the CIT website for more information.

Create Secure Meetings

Zoom requires that all meetings have a passcode or a waiting room enabled. Meetings that do not have a passcode or waiting room enabled will automatically be applied a waiting room.  Waiting rooms can be customized to fit the need and audience for your meeting. For more information, visit the Zoom Support website.

Zoom Backgrounds

Bring the Capstone to your meeting with a UA virtual background!


No cost for eligible users.


Departments Faculty Staff Students

All UA students, faculty and staff are eligible to use Zoom. Users can create an account by signing into Zoom using Single Sign On (SSO). Using SSO allows users to log in with their myBama credentials rather than a unique username and password. Beginning Dec. 22, 2021 all users must log into Zoom using SSO.

Zoom App

  1. Download the Zoom app for your device
  2. Open the Zoom app
  3. Click “Sign in with SSO”
  4. When prompted for a domain, enter ua-edu
  5. Enter your myBamausername@ua.edu email address and myBama password

Zoom Web

  1. To sign in to your Zoom account in a web browser, visit www.ua-edu.zoom.us
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Sign in with your myBama credentials

Account Types

Faculty and staff are assigned a Licensed account and students are assigned a Basic account. To see your account type, log in to Zoom in a web browser and click Profile at the top left, your License Type will be displayed on your profile.

Licensed Accounts

Basic Accounts

HIPAA Compliant Accounts

The UA System office offers a version of Zoom that is HIPAA compliant. Users with HIPPA-compliant Zoom accounts must change their Zoom password every 120 days. Request a HIPAA Compliant Zoom Account

Eligibility and Cost

Available free of charge to academic and administrative departments, students, faculty and staff.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on both personal and University-owned machines and devices.

Software Information

Visit the Zoom website for quick reference tools and other guides.