OIT strives to help you accomplish your goals through the use of technology.

Welcome to MyBama

myBama is your ultimate hub for information here at UA. To set up your myBama account and establish a password, please visit mybama.ua.edu, and select “New myBama users – create your password.” The employee tab within myBama is where faculty and staff will have electronic access to pay stubs, tax documents, leave balances and more! Go to the Banner Self Service Section at the top left, and then under employee services. You’ll learn more about myBama in your new employee orientation.

Connect to Wifi

We’re happy you’re here, now let’s get you connected! UA offers both wired and wireless internet options to UA faculty and staff. Eduroam is a secure and encrypted wireless network. To connect, we require your ua.edu email address and password. Your desktop or laptop computer may already be set up for you, but if it’s not, follow these steps to get connected.

Set up your UA Email

For most faculty and staff, your ua.edu email address is created as a part of the human resources onboarding process. Your email will be set up to reflect your myBama username. Additional alias email addresses can be created by emailing the IT Service Desk. However, a few colleges maintain separate email services, so be sure to check with your department first.

Faculty and staff email is hosted in the Microsoft Office 365 cloud environment. Check your email from any web browser at outlook.office.com. You can also install the Outlook app on your mobile device to check your email on the go. We have setup instructions for different devices on our website.


Duo is our multi-factor authentication system. It requires multiple authentication methods in order to grant access to your account. First your username and password, second a notification to your smartphone, a call, an email or a text! By activating Duo, you can protect your myBama credentials, and make sure no one else can access your accounts. Learn more and check out our Duo frequently asked questions.

Software Available to Faculty & Staff

OIT offers free software downloads to UA faculty and staff. Check out our complete list.

IT Service Desk

Looking for tech help? Visit our IT Service Desk located at 125 Gordon Palmer. You can also reach us at 348-5555. We’re here to serve you!