You’re busy, let us take care of the technology!

Departmental support from OIT includes hardware and software support, installations, upgrades, diagnosis and repair, virus remediation and more. No need to use a geek squad or send off equipment, we’re here on campus and ready to help.

OIT provides fee-based services to University departments for hardware, software, and printer support. Contract terms begin October 1 and end September 30 of each year. Contracts are not pro-rated and must be renewed on an annual basis. Prices listed below will be reviewed annually. Customers will be notified of price increases to take effect on October 1 by August 31 of each year. To establish a maintenance contract with OIT, contact Taffy Allen or Cathy Rainey.

Desktop/Laptop Computer Support

Annual Cost: $135/machine – support, labor, and parts

Services included below are for desktop/laptop computer systems, including software and one attached local printer:

  • Setup and installation of computers, external peripherals, and internal upgrades;
  • Technical support, including diagnosis and correction/repair of software/ hardware issues, hardware and software upgrades, and virus/malware remediation;
  • Consulting and recommendations for new computer and peripheral purchases.
  • Contracts are limited to University-owned equipment only. OIT cannot provide repair services for personally-owned equipment.
  • Computers purchased during the contract year are covered as follows:
    • For departments covering ALL computers/laptop – Computers purchased during the contract period are automatically covered at no additional charge as long as the number of additional computers does not exceed 10% of the number of computers under contract for that department.
    • For departments covering only specific machines – If a computer under contract is replaced with a new computer and the old computer is removed from service, the new computer is covered under the existing contract.  It is the responsibility of the department to notify OIT when such changes occur.
  • OIT is an authorized warranty provider for Dell, Apple, and HP printers, and technicians are certified by these manufacturers. Machines produced by other manufacturers can be covered under this contract if they include a Windows operating system; however, OIT cannot perform hardware repairs on these machines. All hardware repairs for machines produced by a manufacturer other than Dell, Apple, or HP (printers only) must be performed by the machine’s manufacturer. The customer is responsible for contacting the manufacturer when repair work is required.
  • OIT recommends a five-year replacement cycle. Support for machines older than five years will be performed on a best-effort basis only.  Repeated failures of machines this age will require replacement with any applicable existing contract prorated to the new machine.
  • This contract does not cover the cost of replacement parts when any of the following apply:
    • The cost of the replacement part(s) exceeds 50% of the cost of replacing the machine or device;
    • Damage is a result of electrical power surge or brownout;
    • Damage is a result of vandalism, theft, accident, or negligence;
    • Damage is due to flooding, lightning, fire, or other acts of God;
    • Damage is due to repair attempts made by non-certified technicians.
  • This contract does not cover the cost or repair of:
    • Consumable items such as batteries, printer maintenance kits, toner, or paper;
    • Except as otherwise noted, external peripherals attached to the machine;
    • Upgrades that were purchased after or separately from the original purchase of the machine;
    • Universal power supplies (UPS) and surge protectors.
  • Keyboards and mouses typically cannot be repaired.
  • Data recovery from failed hard drives is not guaranteed.
  • OIT cannot support software, including operating systems, when any of the following apply:
    • The software or operating system is no longer supported by the manufacturer;
    • The software does not have a valid license;
    • The software is installed on obsolete equipment or equipment that does not meet the manufacturer’s minimum requirements.
  • Software support does not include:
    • Web development services;
    • Programming and report writing;
    • Administration of proprietary or internally developed applications;
    • Application training.

Microsoft Surfaces

Annual Cost: $60/Surface – support and labor only

OIT offers software support service contracts for Microsoft surfaces.  This includes the setup and installation of software on Microsoft Surfaces, technical support including diagnoses and correction, repair of software, software upgrades and virus/malware remediation. All hardware support must be conducted through Microsoft.

Network Printers

Annual Cost: $85/printer – labor only

OIT offers service contracts for HP and Dell network printers.  The ability to offer a contract on a given printer depends upon the make/model and availability of repair parts from the manufacturer.  OIT staff will assist customers in determining if printers can be covered under a support contract.  Due to the increasing cost and limited availability of printer parts, OIT only offers labor-only contracts for $85 per printer.  Customers will be given the option to purchase needed replacement parts at customer’s expense, if available.

Printer contracts cover the following:

  • All labor necessary to restore equipment to original working order, as long as the required parts are available and customer agrees to purchase parts;
  • Setup and installation;
  • Installation of upgrades;
  • Assessment as to whether a problem is hardware or software related.

Plotter Printers

Annual Cost: $200/plotter – labor only

Due to the specialized nature of plotter printers and the high cost of parts, OIT offers labor-only contracts for $200 per year.  Customers will be given the option to purchase needed replacement parts at customer’s cost, if available.

Printer Networking

OIT maintains a service for networked printers called PrintLogic, a product that allows printers to be installed via direct IP and removes the need for print servers. A small client is installed on the workstation that allows the end user to find and install their own network printer, bypassing the need for a technician visit. The client is installed via group policy to OIT supported workstations.

OIT extends this application to all campus departments at no charge. Interested technical support staff can submit a request to the IT Service Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have a manufacturer warranty, why do I need a contract with OIT?
Manufacturer warranties cover defects in materials and workmanship only. Manufacturer warranties do not include non-manufacturer installed software or operating system support. A contract with OIT covers initial and ongoing setup and installation of computers and software, external peripherals and internal upgrades. OIT also provides ongoing technical support, including diagnosis and correction/repair of operating systems, software or hardware issues. OIT also works to remediate viruses and malware. OIT may also serve as an asset to your team providing consulting and recommendations for new computer and peripheral purchases.

Do I need a manufacturer warranty and a support contract with OIT?
Yes! OIT and manufacturers like Dell work hand-in-hand to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed. A warranty with a manufacturer guarantees the parts will be available to you, and a contract with OIT ensures software and hardware support is on site and eager to help you.

Ready to get started? Contact Taffy Allen for more information and to start a contract.