Connect to the Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access critical UA resources while away from campus.

VPN is required for accessing critical applications on campus because it creates a secure pathway back to the UA campus network. Duo two-factor authentication is required to access the VPN. All remote desktop access (RDP) from off-campus requires a VPN connection. The VPN is only required to access certain applications, it is not needed for access to Banner, O365, Webmail, Box or other common work tools.

Accessing the VPN

Accessing the UA VPN requires use of the Cisco AnyConnect application which can be found in the OIT Software Catalog. Use one of the guides below for further instruction. Upgrade to the latest version of the software for your operating system to ensure the best experience.

Remember to disconnect from the UA VPN when you are done with your session, this will free up your session for another user.

Duo & VPN

Duo is required to access the campus VPN. When you connect to the campus VPN, you will be prompted for your username, password and second password. In the second password field, you can enter the word “push” to receive a push notification to your smartphone, you can enter “phone” to receive a phone call, or you can enter a passcode. The passcode option is considered the fastest option for connecting to VPN. On your Duo mobile app, click the Capstone A to retrieve a passcode. Additional instructions for using Duo with VPN is available above under each operating system.

Courses Requiring VPN Access

Courses can be “VPN Enabled” in Banner by departmental or college staff, granting VPN access to all students enrolled in that course.

Who Can Access the VPN?


Students who are not enrolled in a non-VPN enabled course but need VPN access must have a faculty member or department head submit the VPN request form on the student’s behalf.  Students in UA-funded research positions are automatically assigned VPN access. Student access to VPN is assigned on a semester basis. Access terms:  Jan. 4-May 30, May 31-Aug. 14, Aug. 15-Jan. 3.

Faculty and Staff

Access to the VPN is provided to all faculty and staff automatically. Most users will connect to the Campus VPN; however, check with your IT support team, or the IT Service Desk to determine the appropriate network.

Faculty Retirees/Emeritus

Faculty Retirees and Faculty Emeritus who need VPN access requires approval from the dean or school from which the user retired. The department must submit the VPN request form to request access.  Access is limited to one year.

Please note that faculty retirees/emeritus will automatically have VPN access for 6 months after the end date of their last assignment. Additional VPN access time beyond the 6 months will need to be requested through the VPN request form.

Staff Retirees

Access to the VPN requires Human Resources approval. The retiree may contact Human Resources for additional information.

Vendors and Contractors

IT representatives need to request VPN access for any non-UA employees through our VPN Request Form. Please be sure to include the specific server access that is needed, including DR access if necessary. OIT will assign the account name based on the company/individual name. A link to download the VPN client will be sent to the requestor. Access to VPN will begin July 1 of the current year, and last until June 30 of the following year, regardless of when the access is requested. The same process must be completed each year to renew access.

Campus Visitors (visiting scholars, volunteers, and other Non UA-employees) requesting access to UA resources for academic or business, including UA email and wireless access. Sponsorship is required by the Dean or Department head. The department should submit:

NOTE: The account should be re-certified annually by the sponsor.