Obtaining a Banner Account

Obtaining Banner access begins by having your supervisor request access via one of the forms below depending on the type of Banner access required. Once the data steward has processed the form, they will submit a request to OIT Security to have the Banner account created. Once this process is complete, the data steward will contact you and let you know that your account is ready.

Data Stewards

  • Admissions – Stephen Frost
  • Budget – Johnathan Shaddix
  • Financial Accounting – Meredith Boteler
  • Financial Aid – Jamie Burt
  • Personnel/Payroll – Jay Haley
  • Student – Denny Savage
  • Student Receivables – Kristy Pritchett

Two-Factor Authentication

Banner is secured with Duo two-factor authentication. To access to Banner, users must have an active Duo account.

Banner Recertification Application

Each year, supervisors must re-certify employees to allow Banner access. Here’s a step-by-step guide.