Qualtrics is an online survey software solution. All users with a myBama account can create a Qualtrics account through the University’s enterprise license.  Follow the instructions provided in the Getting Started with Qualtrics section below.Qualtrics users can track participation, send invitations and reminders, display survey results graphically and statistically in real time, and export raw data in a variety of formats (to CSV, XML, HTML and SPSS, and popular statistical packages).

Other key features include:

  • Survey Library with templates that can be customized to meet specific needs
  • Quick Survey Builder guide for beginners
  • Survey translation capabilities, allowing respondents to select a language or default to a browser language preference and track those selections in survey results
  • Continuous file saving, minimizing potential data loss due to browser crashes
  • Distribute surveys to select panels of e-mail recipients, or via anonymous links
  • Create custom reports that update dynamically as new responses are received
  • Over 90 question types
  • Ability to collaborate with others within UA, or with colleagues at other institutions who have a Qualtrics license

Visit qualtrics.ua.edu to access your account.

Beginning Thursday, Dec. 15 Duo will be required to access Qualtrics accounts. Users will receive a Duo prompt after logging in with myBama credentials at Qualtrics.ua.edu.

Faculty and Staff Permissions

In general, UA faculty and staff have unlimited access to the Qualtrics tools for which UA is licensed, including unlimited surveys and responses. Division administrators have the authority to alter access for individuals within their division.

Student Permissions

Students have limited access to the tools available in Qualtrics to ensure that the surveys being distributed are for academic or university purposes.  Students can create two active surveys, but can request increased permissions by contacting their division administrator.

Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a Qualtrics account through my college, what do I need to do?

You need to migrate your account to the University’s institutional license.  All surveys and data will be moved to the University’s account during the migration process

My college or unit has a division in Qualtrics.  How do I associate my account with my division?

In order to associate your account with a division, you must obtain an access code from the division administrator.

My division created a unique account that is different from myBama.  How do I login?

Unique accounts are not allowed within the UA Qualtrics license.  If your division administrator has obtained approval to create a unique account that does not use your myBama credentials, you must login through the Qualtrics home page at http://qualtrics.com.

How do I change my password?

Your Qualtrics account is tied to your myBama account.  If you need to change your password, you must do so within myBama.

What happens when I graduate or leave UA?

Once you are no longer enrolled in classes or terminate employment, your subscription to Qualtrics will end and your account will be deactivated.

I’m transferring to/from another institution.  How do I migrate my surveys and data?

The preferred method is to export the survey and data from your “old” account and import it into your “new” account. Qualtrics Support can provide assistance if needed.

If I send a survey out via SMS, do I have to include opt-out language?

Yes. Qualtrics surveys distributed via SMS text messages must include “STOP” providing users with the option to opt out of mobile text messages.  If users do not have opt out language included in the SMS message, it may not be delivered by the cellular service provider.  More information about SMS distributions, and opt-out language, is available on the Qualtrics website.

Qualtrics Support

If you are experiencing issues accessing Qualtrics via the UA Qualtrics portal, please contact the Center for Instructional Technology at 205-348-3532 or cit@ua.edu.

All other support is provided directly by Qualtrics. Login to the Qualtrics Support Center to submit a ticket. The University of Alabama uses single sign on (SSO) to authenticate access to Qualtrics. When logging in to Qualtrics Support Center, click Sign In with SSO below the password field on the login screen. When prompted for an organization ID, enter universityofalabama. One word, no spaces. You will then be directed to the SSO page to enter your myBama credentials and gain access to the Qualtrics Support Center.


No cost to eligible users.


Faculty Staff Students

Visit the UA Qualtrics page through qualtrics.ua.edu or through the button below. You will be prompted to log in using your myBama username and password. Once logged in, click on the appropriate button:

I don’t have a Qualtrics account – Select this option if you do not have a Qualtrics account.

I already have a Qualtrics account – Select this option if you currently have a Qualtrics account.  NOTE: This applies to C&BA, Education, CIS, and Museums users only.  It does not apply to users with Qualtrics trial accounts.

Visit the UA Qualtrics Page

Eligibility and Cost

No cost for faculty, staff, or students.

Licensing Information

This software is licensed for use on both personal and University-owned machines and devices.

The University has an enterprise agreement for Qualtrics. All University of Alabama faculty, staff, and students may use the license for academic and administrative purposes on University-owned and personal machines.

Software Information

Qualtrics is a web-based solution that does not require software to be downloaded.  Qualtrics is supported on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers.