Before you arrive on campus, there are a few things you should know about technology at UA.


myBama is your ultimate hub for information at The University of Alabama. myBama is the interactive website for UA faculty, staff and students. This is where you will find your Crimson email account, course information, campus news, register for housing, purchase parking permits and even athletic tickets! myBama is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

You will receive your myBama credentials once you complete the application for admission process. You can reset or recover your password on our website. Your myBama username will also serve as part of your Crimson email address.

Crimson Mail

Crimson Mail is the email service for students at UA. The format of your Crimson email account is your mybama Crimson mail is accessed using your mybama user ID and password. Students can access their Crimson mail by visiting We’ve got instructions on our website for how to connect your Crimson email address to your smartphone.

Get Connected to Wifi

UA offers both wired and wireless connections. Eduroam is our secure, encrypted wireless network for UA students, faculty and staff. This enterprise-grade wifi technology requires individual user authentication: your crimson email address and password. If you have trouble connecting, please reset your myBama password and try again. That should do it. If not, we’ve got step-by-step instructions available for you.

IT Service Desk

UA offers a free IT Service Desk to UA students, faculty and staff. Take advantage of this service by calling 205-348-5555 or emailing us –

Free Software

Yep, we said free. About two weeks before your first class you’ll gain access to several different software packages. Just to name a few, we offer Microsoft Office 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, MATLAB and UA Box – a free cloud storage platform! See the full list on our website.

Duo Two Factor Authentication

Duo is our two-factor authentication system. It requires multiple authentication methods in order to grant access to your account. First your username and password, second a notification to your smartphone, a call, an email or a text! By activating Duo, you can protect your myBama credentials, and make sure no one else can access your accounts. Duo is required for all UA students.

Want to Know More?

Browse our site. Chances are we have the answer here. If not give our IT Service Desk a buzz. We’re happy to help, and we’re excited to have you here at the Capstone!