The preferred method for ordering Apple products is through the University Supply Store, Ferguson Center, via Departmental Transfer.

You can find complete details by visiting the standing contracts website and clicking on “Apple Computers” in the list provided. Apple software licenses purchased through the University Supply Store are perpetual, meaning the purchasing department owns the licenses.

For volume purchasing, see the Apple Volume Purchase Program below.

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows University colleges and departments to purchase Mac and iOS apps and books in volume. The purchases can be made using a University P-Card and are tax-free if purchased through the Volume Purchase Program Education Store.

How is the Apple VPP administered at UA?

The Apple VPP is administered through two roles, the Program Manager and Program Facilitator roles.  UA has chosen to utilitze these roles as follows:

  • Institutional Program Manager – The University has identified a person to act as an Institutional Program Manager to work with the respective College Program Managers to setup and manage Apple VPP accounts.  This role also oversees the assignment and distribution of alias email accounts to be used as Apple IDs by College Program Managers and Program Facilitators.
  • College Program Managers – Each college or administrative unit has one College Program Manager.  A list of College Program Managers is below.  The College Program Manager then assigns Program Facilitators for its respective college or administrative unit.  Note that a College Program Manager can also serve as a Program Facilitator, but each role must have a unique Apple ID (i.e. the Program Manager Apple ID cannot be the same as the Program Facilitator Apple ID).
  • Program Facilitators – The Program Facilitators purchase apps and books through the Apple Education Store.

I’ve been selected as my college’s or administrative unit’s Program Manager. How do I get started?

Follow the Apple VPP Program Manager instructions. As part of the instructions, you will request alias email accounts from the Institutional Program Manager for yourself as the College Program Manager, and each Program Facilitator you assign. These alias email accounts should be used as the Apple IDs.  By using alias email accounts, you can ensure that Apple VPP accounts are transferred to new Program Facilitators if the current Program Facilitators leave their positions without having to create new Apple accounts. Be sure to provide your Program Facilitator with the username and password for the alias email accounts.  The alias email accounts can be accessed using UA Webmail.

I want to be a Program Facilitator.  How do I get started?

Contact your College Program Manager (see list below). The College Program Manager will authorize you as a Program Facilitator and provide you with an alias email address to use as your Apple ID.  Note, you should not use your institutional email address (e.g. as your Apple ID for the Apple VPP. The alias email accounts can be accessed using UA Webmail. Your College Program Manager can provide you with the username and password.  Once you logon to UA Webmail, you can change the password under Options.

Once you’ve been authorized as a Program Facilitator and receive the alias email account information, follow the Apple VPP Program Facilitator instructions to setup your Apple VPP account and start purchasing apps and books.

I’m having trouble, whom do I contact?

The IT Service Desk and/or the College Program Managers (see list below) can answer some basic questions.  You can also contact iTunes Store Customer Support.

The app or book I wanted wasn’t available through the VPP Education Store, so sales tax was charged.  What do I do?

Each department is responsible for getting taxes charged for VPP purchases refunded.  To do so, send a request to and attach a copy of the receipt and the University’s sales tax exemption letter.  To ease the administrative burden, the Purchasing Department will allow you to accumulate the tax receipts for your department and request one refund two to three times a year rather than each time a purchase is made.  Contact Purchasing Card Services if you have additional questions regarding the refunding of sales taxes charged.

College Program Managers