Follow the instructions below for Installing the Applications Manager Client.

1. Download the Applications Manager

The file will be a .zip named

Double-click the folder, then double-click the AppMan932.exe

Note – You will possibly encounter an error message running the .exe file this is ok you can still download and install the file.

zip folder titled App Man 932

Windows Protection Pop Up
Click More Info
Run Anyway
Click Run Anyway

2. After you double-click the AppMan932.exe file

A blue screen with a small command line will appear for a brief moment, there is no need to do anything while this is on your screen.

3. Once the install is complete and the screen disappears you will have a folder on your desktop called AppMan932 (this folder can be moved after the installation).

Note – If the .exe runs without an error and you do not have the AppMan932 folder on your desktop, you will need to check the directory – C:\Users\(YOUR USER NAME)\Desktop to find the folder.
You can run the client from here (as listed in step 4 below) or create a shortcut to the AppMan932.jar file on the desktop that is visible to you (OneDrive desktop).

4. To log into AppMan, open the AppMan932 folder and double click AppMan932.jar

You will need to open the AppMan932.jar from within the AppMan932 folder.  If you use AppMan often, you may want to create a shortcut to the AppMan932.jar file so it can be easily accessed, if not you will need to open the program from within the AppMan932 folder

5. When the client opens you will have the option of changing your environment between AppDev, AppTst, AppProd if that environment has been upgraded.

applications manager